Jordan Peterson Net Worth – How Did Jordan Peterson Make Money in 2023?

As of 2023, Jordan Petersons net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. Let’s find out how Jordan Peterson made his money.

Jordan Peterson Net Worth - How Did Jordan Peterson Make Money in 2023

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What is Jordan Peterson’s Net Worth and earnings in 2023?

Jordan Peterson’s net worth in 2023 stands at approximately $8 million. This figure, however, is the subject of some debate.

Several forums, including on platforms like Reddit, have speculated that the number might be even greater. This value has been derived considering his diverse sources of earnings, which will be detailed below.

How Does Jordan Peterson Make Money?

Jordan Peterson, as a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, has a multifaceted revenue stream. His position at the university plays a significant role in his income. Over the years, Peterson has significantly broadened his horizons.

Not only has he earned from his bestselling books, but his public speaking tours, podcasts, and Patreon donations have also added to his wealth.

His YouTube channel, a platform where he frequently shares lectures and engages in discussions, has amassed a worldwide following, further increasing his earnings.

How Does Jordan Peterson Make Money

Jordan Peterson Business Ventures & Investments

While many recognize Jordan Peterson for his scholarly pursuits and writings, he has also forayed into the business domain. One of his notable ventures is the self-authoring suite, an innovative online writing therapy program.

In addition to this, he has played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and establishing online education platforms and courses, indicating his vision to utilize digital platforms for expanding knowledge.

Jordan Peterson Assets

Exact details of Jordan Peterson’s assets remain undisclosed to the public. However, considering his net worth, it’s reasonable to assume that he possesses notable investments in real estate.

Other potential assets could include stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. His continuous revenue from book sales and other projects also add to his cumulative assets.

Jordan Peterson Assets

Jordan Peterson Career

Jordan Peterson’s career began in the realm of clinical psychology, teaching as a professor. His unique perspective on issues like political correctness and freedom of speech garnered global attention.

His book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos”, became a bestseller, propelling his popularity to new heights. Through his YouTube channel, he has been able to discuss various topics, captivating audiences from all over the world.

Most Popular Movies of Jordan Peterson

Although not a film personality, Jordan Peterson has been featured in a number of documentaries and interviews. Among the most notable are:

  • The Rise of Jordan Peterson – A documentary that traces his professional and personal evolution.
  • Shut Him Down: The Rise of Jordan Peterson – An in-depth exploration of his views that have often polarized audiences.

Most Popular Movies of Jordan Peterson

Who is Jordan Peterson?

Net Worth $8 million
Monthly Income Varies (From books, lectures, YouTube, etc.)
Date of Birth June 12, 1962
Gender Male
Height 6’1
Profession Clinical Psychologist, Professor, Author
Nationality Canadian

Jordan Peterson Lifestyle

Despite being globally recognized, Peterson maintains a somewhat reserved lifestyle. Residing in Canada, he is deeply invested in his academic pursuits and professional engagements.

His lifestyle reflects his intellectual curiosity as he spends a significant amount of time in reading, research, and scholastic dialogues.

Jordan Peterson Lifestyle

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Jordan Peterson shares his life with his wife, Tammy Peterson. Their family includes two children, Mikhaila and Julian.

Over the years, the Peterson family has faced various health challenges. However, their bond remains unbreakable, often making public appearances and showcasing their united front during interviews.


What is Jordan Peterson known for?

Jordan Peterson has garnered attention for his incisive critiques on political correctness, his bestselling book, and his significant online interactions, particularly through lectures and YouTube videos.

How did Jordan Peterson gain fame?

Jordan Peterson’s initial recognition came from his impactful university lectures. His vocal opposition to Canada’s Bill C-16 garnered widespread attention, leading to heightened popularity through his YouTube channel and his book.

Is Jordan Peterson involved in any business ventures?

Absolutely. Apart from his academic achievements, Peterson has ventured into business, notably developing online educational platforms, courses, and a unique self-authoring suite.

Has Jordan Peterson been in movies?

While not a mainstream actor, Peterson has been featured in documentaries that explore his life, views, and the controversies surrounding him.