24 Kayoanime Alternatives For Best Anime Streaming In 2024

Kayoanime is an online website that offers a wide selection of anime series, movies, and other viewing options. Unfortunately, it’s not legal to use this service as it often contains pirated content.

If you want to find alternative sites with more legitimate content streaming offerings, read on! Below are 24 kayo-anime alternatives for you to discover in 2024, all with the same great viewing experience and selection of quality anime content.


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What happened to Kayoanime?

Though the website was popular among many viewers around the world for its wide range of anime offerings, it is no longer safe or legal to use due to piracy concerns.

Recently, copyright holders have stepped up their efforts against pirated material being circulated online, and as a result, many sites hosting this kind of content have been taken down or had their services limited.

Top 24 Kayoanime Alternatives In 2024

1. Crunchyroll


With over 25,000 episodes of anime from hundreds of series to choose from, it’s no wonder why Crunchyroll is one of the most popular streaming sites around.

It has exclusive originals and simulcast titles that are available hours after airing in Japan! The site also offers manga, merchandise, events, and more to keep you entertained all year round.

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2. Animetoon


This streaming destination focuses on delivering movie titles, anime shows and digital comics to its loyal fans. With no sign-up required, you can easily access the wide library of content that they have.

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3. Anime Twist

Anime Twist

A free site with English dialogues presented in a subtitle format so viewers can follow along while watching their favorite anime movies or series without having to pay for a membership subscription plan.

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4. Gogoanime


You don’t need an account to enjoy the wide range of anime titles and TV series featured on this streaming platform.

With over 6,000 episodes of content from various genres such as action, adventure and romance you’ll be sure to spend hours in front of your screen watching a variety of great anime shows.

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5. AnimeFlix


Animeflix is a free site for watching English dubbed or subbed content with no registration needed. The website also offers HD versions along with other amazing features like the latest releases that make it easy for users to find and watch what they love in no time.

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6. AnimeDao


Animedao is one of the most selection-free anime streaming sites that also provides simulcast titles, movies and documentaries. It’s a great place to find an impressive selection of Japanese anime series with some older titles too!

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7. AnimeCrush


Do you want to catch up on the latest episodes from your favorite shows quickly? This website has one of the best fast loading times compared to other sites in the market and you can even get notified on new updates for specific series before they’re released.

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8. Animepisode


With a modern design, easy-to-navigate menus and an impressive library of anime shows from various genres this streaming site is definitely worth checking out.

The website offers both dubbed or subbed versions as well as 1080p resolution formats so that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows without any hiccups!

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9. WCOforever


Another great choice for fans who want access to a lot of content in one place. The site features both new and older titles as well as movies that allow viewers to search quickly with the help of helpful filters such as specialties genre, season, or language type.

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10. Aniwatcher


Offering both dubbed and subbed versions, this website gives viewers a different way to watch anime every day! With an easy-to-use interface, all users will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for with its search function and helpful filters.

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11. Justdubs


If you just want to watch the English dubbed versions of your favorite anime shows then this site is perfect for you! They have a huge selection, all in HD quality so you can watch a different show every day.

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12. Animeflv


A website dedicated to free streaming of both new and older titles as well as movies from various genres such as horror, romance, or drama without having to sign up for an account. They provide simulcast episodes as soon as they are released in Japan.

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13. Funimation


With over 10,000 hours of anime titles, you won’t be running out of content anytime soon at this streaming destination that offers both subbed and dubbed versions depending on what type of language preference you have.

The website also provides access to the community page where fans can interact with fellow subscribers or easily search for new titles to watch from its impressive library collection.

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14. Hulu


The U.S. streaming service offers a wide range of anime titles and movies such as “My Hero Academia”, “Attack on Titan, and much more available both in dubbed or subbed versions.

Subscribers also get access to original series like the award-winning show “Mob Psycho 100” which has been praised for its unique visual style.

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15. Netflix


With one of the largest selections of anime content from both classic and new titles, this streaming service is one of the best to watch anime legally.

Its library includes various popular series like “Berserk”; “And Overlord” as well as original productions such as Marble Pie Studios’ emotional drama “Yasuke”.

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16. Animax


A premium Japanese service that offers access to exclusive anime content with high-definition streaming options for users worldwide.

The interface of the website provides a clean and smooth experience which makes it easier for people to search through its library of over 500 titles!

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17. Animefire


Animefire is another great streaming website with a library full of both older and new anime shows. The site provides easy access to subbed versions as well as simulcast episodes that are updated shortly after they air in Japan.

Other features include an addictive user friendly environment along with 1080p resolution streaming giving viewers an amazing visual experience while watching their favorite series.

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18. VRV


This website was created with a great selection of content so that its user can have a unique experience. From exclusive shows to various genres, there’s something for everyone here!

It also provides access to Crunchyroll library for viewers all over the world with English subtitles and other language support.

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19. Anime-Planet


A massive website where anyone who’s looking for a great collection of anime will find exactly what they need with just one search.

With no signup or membership fees users get immediate access to over 65000 licensed titles and more than 400.000 episodes, movies, and series which is sure to make any fan of the genre enthralled.

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20. Viewster


Another site that requires no signup or fees to access its library so you can start watching all your favorite shows straight away.

If their impressive selection isn’t enough for you then rest assured because they are continuously uploading new content every week for viewers all around the world to partake in.

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21. Neon Alley

Neon Alley

Formerly known as Viz Anime, this US-based streaming service also simulcasts some of the latest anime shows making them available in North America instead of having to wait for weeks or even months.

All content is legal and fans get access to dubbed episodes a week after their Japanese airing dates.

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22. Anime-Expo


This website provides free HD quality content with a huge genre selection that ranges from when shonen series like “Naruto”, “One Piece” and ‘Fairy Tail ” to romance and school life titles like “Kimi no Na Wa” and so much more.

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23. Myanimelist


One of the best sites when it comes to finding great collections of anime shows but also a platform for those who want to keep track of their last seen, watch later lists or reviews that will help others decide about which series they should start watching first.

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24. Wakanim


This streaming service is boosted by being legal and having an excellent selection of titles for its loyal fans in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

They offer both subbed (in French) or dubbed versions in English for viewers as well as amazing visual effects that give a special touch to all shows they host.

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Is Kayoanime legal?

No, Kayoanime is not a legally licensed streaming service and has been known to contain pirated content. Users can be at risk if they choose this website due to copyright law infringement.

Is Kayoanime Safe?

No, Kayoanime is not a safe website to use as it has been known to host malware and other malicious content. It’s best for users to avoid using this website and find a more secure alternative that doesn’t put your device in harm’s way.

How to safely stream Kayoanime?

We recommend avoiding watching or downloading any pirated content from websites like Kayoanime since they often contain viruses and other malicious content.

Using a secure VPN is the best way to protect yourself while streaming anime online from legitimate sources.

What is the best VPN to stream on Kayoanime?

We recommend NordVPN or ExpressVPN for their fast connection speeds, strong encryption protocols, comprehensive global server network, and compatibility with multiple devices.

These providers are two of the most reliable services in terms of security and speed when it comes to streaming anime safely online!