Legacies Season 3 Trailer: What’s the Fate of Main Characters?

Fans love vampires, witches, and werewolf dramas. Even after the concluding seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, they have been getting their dose of supernatural affairs with the Legacies spin-off.

The show started with the supernatural kids attending the school for special teens to learn about their power and skills. And After the wrap up of season 2, fans have patiently waited for the Legacies Season 3 trailer.

The Legacies Plot!!

Julie Plec knows how to keep the fans on edge with gripping stories and dramatic action in all her shows.

If you have not watched the show, it follows the teen hybrid, Hope Mikaelson, played by Danielle Rose Russell.

She is the first of her kind and is extremely powerful as she is part witch, part vampire, and part werewolf.

Besides, she is the daughter of a werewolf, Hayley, and a hybrid, Klaus, the bad guy known for wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls.

Another main character of the show is Alaric Saltzman, who is a vampire hunter.

His journey has been the most turbulent as he was a vampire killing hunter-vampire, and then he turned into a ghost.

His twins, who were carried by the vampire, Caroline, are the Gemini twins. They are young witches who inherited the ability to Siphon magic from their mother, Jo.

The first season of the show plays with Lizzie and Josie’s power struggle dynamics.

As per the Gemini coven tradition, one twin always overpowers the other and merges with the other after turning twenty-two.

The second season of the show ended with Hope in a deep sleep, and Landon was dead. Besides, Raffaele turned into a zombie, and Lizzie was just pretending to be dead.

This was to prevent Darth Josie from finding their plan.  

All about the Legacies season 3 trailer


Before reading any further, we suggest you check out the trailer to prepare yourself for some more vampire witchy drama.

Season two of the show was wrapped early due to the coronavirus pandemic situation.

However, it was one of the most entertaining temporary goodbyes. Almost a year after, the fans are witnessing the season 3 trailer.

As Hope is in perpetual sleep, Alaric and others are trying to wake her up.

Moreover, Rafael is attempting to get his foster brother, Landon, back.

He dies in the show after the Necromancer’s golden arrow hits him. So, Rafael is on his quest to resurrect him by putting his spirit in his own body.

However, Landon has a better plan for his one last goodbye.

In the end, we hear Lizzie Saltzman paranoid and screaming, “Where is Hope Mikaelson when you need her?”

And we would like to know that too, Lizzie.

Will Hope wake up to save the day? To get all your answers, wait till the release of the show on CW on January 21, 2021.

You can watch the show on the channel’s app and website too.

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