30 Lookmovie Alternatives For Online Movies In 2024 (100% Verified)

Lookmovie is one of the most highly rated free movie streaming platforms on the internet. It is a preferred alternative since it also allows users to watch movies in HD quality. 

There is a good chance you already know about Lookmovie if watching movies for free is your thing.

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What Happened to Lookmovie?

The eternal problem with making the best out of free movie streaming platforms is that they are not fully legal. 

While copyright laws differ in various jurisdictions, Lookmovie violates them and is often taken down by internet service providers on directions from the government. 

Top 5 Lookmovie Alternatives: Editor’s Pick 

  1. Genmovies A simplistic website with a huge library that is as useful as any fancy movie streaming site. 
  2. SonyLIV The first OTT platform to come out of India, SonyLIV has very soon turned into a paradise for movie buffs. 
  3. Dramacool Dramacool is a website that is renowned for hosting various dramas and movies which have now become a household name.
  4. Cataz.net A new but reliable alternative to streaming movies and TV shows for free without any ads. 
  5. Disney Plus A popular OTT platform that allows you access to content from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixel, and National Geographic too.

30 Alternatives to Lookmovie In 2024

1. Bflix


There is no shortage of Look movie alternatives but Bflix is one of the few which provides you access to HD quality content. 

If you look at additional features that Bflix offers, you will be surprised to know that you can also manage your viewing history. 

With over 1,000 movies in its library, it keeps you informed about the latest releases. 

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2. Genvideos


Have you been looking for a simple website that features a huge library? If yes, then you must check out Genvideos.

With a minimalistic design, this platform is every bit as useful as any fancy website. 

Finding a movie on Genvideos is easy peasy since you can filter them using year or genre.

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3. Movie25


Movie25 has a  mantra to make sure that you always have something to keep you entertained. 

On the one hand, you can check out the old classics from various genres, and on the other hand, you can also watch the top IMDB movies. 

To keep you aware of the latest releases, it features special premiers of new movies too.

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4. Putlocker9


Putlocker9 is a new entrant in the world of free entertainment and what an entry it has had. 

The reason behind its huge popularity is it is four no’s formulas – no ads, no payment, no registration, and all importantly no hassle. 

It is also a safe and reliable website to watch movies of your choice.

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5. Dramacool 


Asian content’s popularity is on the rise, especially K-dramas. 

Dramacool is a website that is renowned for hosting various dramas and movies which have now become a household name.

Not only is it a cool site but it is also relatively easy to use. The A-Z index is particularly useful when you are searching for a specific title and cannot recall its name.

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6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Many of the sites that we have listed here are not fully legal. But with Tubi TV, you do not need to worry about any such issue. 

Even though it is free, there are a few ads that you will have to bear. 

However, the content is super-premium (a lot of it from famous Hollywood studios) and more than makes up for the ads. 

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7. Soap2day


Since the number of online entertainment options is increasing day by day, look movie alternatives are also upping their game. 

On Soap2day, one can not only watch movies and TV shows but also stream live sports and listen to music. Not much left to desire, isn’t it?

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8. Rainierland


Rainierland did not host movies during its initial phase. It was mostly for TV fans. 

Over time, this platform has evolved into a complete entertainment package that does not charge a single penny for streaming movies. 

The users have the advantage of making use of IMDB ratings to select what to watch. 

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9. SonyLIV


The first OTT platform to come out of India, SonyLIV has very soon turned into a paradise for movie buffs. 

Though there were initial hiccups with stream quality, the developers have sorted out most issues. 

There are free as well as paid plans which you can use to watch movies, TV shows, and sports events. 

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10. Cataz.net

Cataz.net is a reliable alternative to look movies. 

On this platform, it is a treat to enjoy movies and TV shows since there are no ads. 

For those who prefer watching movies on mobile devices, Cataz.net also has an Android app. 

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11. 123series


While its name might sound just like another movie streaming site, it is indeed a different one. 

A huge library of movies and TV shows, an exact search engine, and an HD quality stream are some of the interesting features of 123series

Did we mention that it has zero ads and zero money requirements?

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12. Vumoo


It is not possible to have a list of top sites for streaming movies and not have Vumoo in it. 

Thousands of movies are accessible to users for free and at one go on this platform and this is why it is super popular. 

The download option only adds to its popularity. 

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13. YouTube


Yes, we know what you are thinking – YouTube is for passing time and not for movies. 

Well, you might have been correct a few years ago but not today. YouTube has turned into a mammoth entertainment venue that features a whole range of movies and TV shows (both paid and free). 

Many web series are exclusively available on YouTube.

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14. Kissmovies


We assure you that this is not an adult-only website and the name is surely misleading. 

From Legacy to Legend of the Dragon to Legend of Zorro, you will find many movies on Kissmovies

In terms of genre, it has action, horror, comedy, biography, and even mythology, among others. 

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15. GoStream


In the whole list of look movie alternatives, GoStream is one of those websites which is extremely easy to use. 

The movies on the platform can be filtered using genre, year of release, or country of origin. 

If you are in a weird mood and want to be surprised, then you can hit the ‘random’ button and see its recommendation. 

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16. Crackle


Very few legal options exist which are free. Sony’s Crackle is one of them.

Unlike SonyLIV, this is a global platform available in more than one location around the world. 

The content is restricted to movies from premier studios like Sony and MGM.

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17. 123chill


123chill is nothing but a mirror site of 123movies. However, it is increasingly useful during those times when 123movies is not accessible.

The quality of streams is not high definition but it most certainly meets the bare minimum requirements. 

Like Lookmovies, you will be able to enjoy free movies and TV shows on this platform without any signup requirements.

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18. PeacockTV

Peacock TV

Peacock is a brand name associated with the streaming of NBC sports but we are talking about PeacockTV which is a US-based streaming service. 

This service is a good option for those looking to stream movies and TV shows which are generally available on cable channels.

The only disadvantage is that PeacockTV is only available for users in the US presently. 

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19. Movie2k


One look at the website of Movie2k will tell you all you need to know – that it is a free movie and TV streaming site which takes pride in its HD quality collection. 

From Avatar to the latest James Bond movie, Movie2k has it all. 

The number of genres on this platform is astounding and for this reason alone, you must try it out. 

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20. Disney Plus


Based out of the US, Disney Plus is a popular OTT streaming platform. 

As the name suggests, you will not only find Disney movies here but also content from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixel, and National Geographic too. 

While it has some content for free, for others you might need to shell out a few dollars. 

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21. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Do we even need to spell this one out for you?

World over, Amazon Prime Video is known for churning out fresh content to entertain you.

In many countries, this streaming service offers free access to some of its movies and TV shows. 

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22. Pluto

Pluto TV

Again, this is one name that is new but is gaining users rapidly. 

It has a simple motto – Drop In, Watch Free. 

Moreover, the service provides you access to 250+ live channels apart from regular movies and TV shows. 

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23. Hoopla



Yes, we know that Hoopla is known for audiobooks and comics. However, it has evolved. 

Today, Hoopla is also used by people across the world to gain access to free music and videos. 

It is definitely one big digital library that you must check out. 

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24. MovieTube


MovieTube is not unlike any other alternative on this list.

With a library full of popular movies and TV shows, MovieTube has reached hundreds of followers. 

There is the perennial issue of multiple ads on this free movie streaming site though. 

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25. Vudu


We know what is running in your mind. Worry not, this is not something related to black magic. 

In fact, one use of Vudu’s premium streaming service will refresh your mind. 

A joint venture between two big studios – NBCUniversal and WarnerBros Discovery, Vudu offers promising content in the form of movies and TV shows. 

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26. LetMeWatchThis


Movie streaming sites these days are trying to provide extra value so that they can retain more users. 

PrimeWire, also known as LetMeWatchThis, is a free movie streaming site that adds value by allowing its members to make a curated playlist of their most loved content and share it with the rest of the world. 

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27. Zoogle


Zoogle is technically a torrent search engine and not a free movie streaming site like look movies. 

However, all those who watch movies for free will know that finding the right torrent link is an art and Zoogle helps greatly with the task. 

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28. Solar Movies

Solar Movies

Solar Movies has been around forever and it is often dubbed as the platform with the largest number of titles in its library. 

Credibility is what this platform stands for since it keeps updating its library regularly. 

If you do not find a movie here, there is a chance that it is not available on any other site for free. 

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29. Kanopy


Like Tubi TV, Kanopy is also a free and legal movie streaming platform. 

It believes in classic and thoughtful cinema. 

Even though it does not charge a single penny from its users, Kanopy makes it a point to pay the artists on the platform their dues. 

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30. Ifvod


Most of the movie streaming sites that we have mentioned here are available as a website. 

Ifvod is also available as an Android app and it features content from the beautiful continent of Asia. 

Yes, you read it right. You will be able to access manga and anime content on Ifvod.

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Lookmovie – Quick FAQs

1. Is Lookmove Legal?

Well, the straight answer is No. Lookmovie allows you to watch copyrighted content for free which is a legal violation in many countries.  

2. Is Lookmovie Safe?

It has been our experience that Lookmovie’s site is safe since it does not contain a lot of ads. 

3. How to Safely Stream Lookmovie?

The use of a VPN and an ad-blocker is a must while streaming movies on Lookmovie. 

4. What is the best VPN to stream on Lookmovie?

ExpressVPN and Surfshark are two VPN service providers which you can rely on with closed eyes.