27 Best Alternatives to Losmovies – 100% working

Losmovies is the home to millions of movie junkies across the world.

However, it shuts down from time to time due to a series of legal actions filed against the streaming site.

In case the site goes down the drain once again, we’ve prepared working alternatives where you can continue watching your favorite movies, series, and drama.

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Top 5 Losmovies Alternatives: Editor’s Picks

  • 123Movies: Renowned spot to enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows at zero cost.
  • Putlocker: Best alternative to Losmovies to tap into the world of your favorite TV shows and movies.
  • Vumoo: A hidden gem for movie buffs to get hundreds of movies and TV shows for free.
  • Yesmovies: Tune into massive movies and TV shows collection with this reliable choice.
  • GoStream: A Brilliant fit for cinema lovers to get awesome movies and TV shows streaming experience.

What Happened to Losmovies?

Losmovies is working perfectly, and you can go to its official site to view its content. Since it is a free site, you can watch all its content at no cost and with excellent video quality. It is a perfect companion to help you get on-demand access on all devices.

27 Best LosMovies Alternatives 2024-100% Working


Putlocker is quite a popular video streaming site that allows you to watch your favorite movies and series. The website updates daily through its third-party streaming sites so you can be updated with your favorite series and movies.

The site homepage shows you all the details that you would need to navigate through the array of movies. In a click through the search bar, you can find your favorite movie.

Like any other movie streaming site, one will expect a heavy barrage of ads in every click thus patience is necessary. Nonetheless, it’s the best payment you can give as everything on the site comes for free anyway.

You can watch movies in HD for the full experience and Cam quality for those who can’t wait.

Go to this website.


123movies is another free video streaming site alternative to Losmovies that deserves to be listed at top of our list. It is a popular video streaming site that is home to a wide array of movies and series you can check.

The homepage gives you the freedom to choose, sort, and search thousands of movies and series across over a hundred countries. You can also sort out the movies based on your favorite genre.

For those who are fond of multi-awarded series, it is very easy to find your favorites by navigating through the Top IMDB section of the website.

One of the best features the site offers is you can download your favorite movie or series for later.

Of course, ads can be a pain but it is the only way the website maintains its server so they expect you to be patient with them as well.

Go to this website.



On this movie streaming platform, not only can you watch movies and TV shows for free but also download them. M4ufree offers minimal ads and the website is cleverly designed to suit your needs. 

Go to this website



Vmovee is known for allowing users to watch HD-quality content at zero cost. Moreover, it provides value addition to users as it features some anime content too.

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The name itself tries to sell the website as it should be one of the sites you should go to when streaming for a movie. Myflixer offers a wide arrange of movies and series you can choose from to enjoy.

Like any of the other sites, you can sort and search the movies you want by genre, country, and even release dates.

The homepage gives you a complete feel for what you’re looking for, from the most-watched movies or TV series to the latest TV series and movies added to their servers.

One feature that makes it above the others is the hover feature where details regarding the movie or series, such as IMDB rating and synopsis, pop out whenever you hover through the icon. This would make it easier for you to fully review the movie just by hovering your mouse rather than opening it in another tab.

Go to this website.



What makes 1MoviesHD a crowd favorite is its clean and easy-to-use interface. Like how streaming sites should be, there’s a large search bar at the top of the homepage where you can easily type the keyword of your choice.

The site has quite a large library of U.S. movies, enough to keep you entertained for years. Unlike some sites on the list, the admins do a pretty good job at updating their database with the latest shows – you won’t miss any trends.

There are promotional banners and ad pop-ups on the site. However, they are noticeably fewer than other free streaming sites.

Whether you’re on your desktop or smartphone, its user interface accommodates both. Scrolling down, there are rows of movies coming soon in case you’re waiting for a movie release.

Go to this website.



On Afdah, you can enjoy movies to your heart’s content without paying a single penny. 

It is compatible with mobile devices and hence caters to a larger audience. It does not work if you use an adblocker though. 

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Featuring one of the best aesthetics on the list, Primewire knows what it’s doing. It’s clean, sleek, and user-friendly. Similar to MoviesJoy, the homepage showcases a large search toolbar where you can type the show, movie, or series you want to watch.

At the top of the site, there are plenty of options you can choose from to explore. Ranging from community, movies, TV series, Top Watched, and show release dates.

You can stream movies for free, but if you’re looking for a better streaming experience, you may subscribe to their premium account. The developers are open to suggestions and improvements, click on the Feedback button to share your two cents.

The setback is that it does have a lot of advertisements, much more than MoviesJoy, so that’s something you have to take into consideration.

Go to this website.


Vumoo gives off a modern-looking design. It’s a clean, well-made website that easily surpasses most streaming sites. What makes this one of our top favorites is how the homepage is free from ads and promotional banners.

Below the search toolbar, you can find over a dozen of genres you can choose from. It ranges from action to fantasy. It delivers a massive collection of movies, shows, and series, and the site is up to date with the new releases.

Another great feature that sets it apart from other sites is its popular actress button, it directs you to a page where the top-ranking actors and actresses are listed in order. The site changes its rankings regularly, depending on its popularity.

It looks good on both desktop and mobile platforms, but it does load faster using a PC than on a smartphone.

Go to this website.


Sockshare is one of the streaming sites that has been around since 2017. It is one of the best as they offer a wider arrange of entertainment, from movies to series and even cartoons, from Hollywood to Bollywood to Asian.

What’s great about Sockshare is they don’t host any of the videos but they just share the videos through links thus safeguarding them from any illegal actions.

But the same with any other video streaming site, one can only expect some redirecting ads before reaching finally playing the video, thus patience is expected to enjoy the platform.

Another good thing about the site is they host multiple links thus if one link is broken, there can always be another.

Go to this website.



SideReel is a platform that goes beyond the services which a streaming site offers. It has a schedule of all the latest episodes so that you do not miss any. News and trivia are there too. 

Go to this website



BFlix, like its name, is a rather simple yet elegant streaming site you can use to watch your favorite movies.

The landing page prompts and shows you the trending and available movies as of viewing so you can be within topic when discussing the trends with your friends.

One feature that brings it over the others is the prompting of the movie details upon hovering, minimizing your effort in trying to understand what the movie is all about before finally deciding to watch it.

Despite its simple design, it has a very powerful search engine where you can search for your favorite movie that could even date back from the ’70s and originate from Bollywood or Japan.

Go to this website.



With a name similar to 123movies, this site offers its users the facility of streaming movies and TV shows in HD quality. 123series is completely free and there are no ads to disturb you. 

Go to this website


Fmovies, a partner website of Bmovies, offers the same access as an alternative to Losmovies. It offers high-definition quality movies and series for you to enjoy during your free time.

The design is very simple that even a kid could easily navigate through the homepage and find what movie he/she wants. They also employ a very powerful search engine where you can search for your favorite movie or genre and explore further.

With Fmovies, you can watch movies online in high quality for free without the annoyance of advertising. Just go and give it a try.

Go to this website.


Prepare your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch your favorite movies through Popcornflix, home to a great number of movies and videos ranging from almost anything.

The homepage is very simple to navigate that just by scrolling down, the engine automatically offers you the best picks based on the genre you might like.

A number of the best movies are lined up just for you based on the genre that you are navigating which lessens your effort in trying to search for the best ones.

The best feature for the streaming site that brings it above the others is its minimal prompting of ads that makes your experience way more convenient and better.

Go to this website.


Solarmovie is one of the leading free movie streaming on the web as well. Named after the solar energy that we all enjoy for free, we can also enjoy streaming in Solarmovie for free even without the need for registration.

The homepage might look plain but the website is home to several HD movies with different genres and qualities. You can utilize its powerful search engine to search through its database of high-definition movies and series.

Once you’ve entered and explored the movie’s panel, you will see a variety of movies you can choose and assess from the information given, synopsis, and rating once hovered over the icon.

You can freely enjoy your favorite movies via Solarmovie but patience is expected as an aggressive barrage of pop-up ads might come to you before finally seeing your favorite movie.

Go to this website.


Getting its name from the idea of having all movies you can think of from A to Z, Azmovie can surely give you what you need.

With Azmovies, you can keep up with what is the latest in all the hottest streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes as the platform updates its content every week.

With a click of a button, you can enjoy your favorite movies and series and you can even download them for later.

Through a simple homepage, you can navigate through the best and trending movies with the carousel of featured movies. Furthermore, with their powerful and simple movie search, you can find and start your favorite movies.

Go to this website.



The reality is that Asian movies and television shows from Asia are as good as manga.

Ifvod has made it possible for people across the world to access these. Since it is available as an Android app, it is convenient to use. 

Go to this website



Yesmovies might look intimidating at first glance because it features Hindi movies on the landing page but there’s more to it than just that. If you would just scroll down further, you can see that it offers more movies than just Asians.

It is a home for free latest HD Hollywood, Bollywood, and Asian movies and series you can enjoy while sitting on the sofa.

Although it features lots of Bollywood movies upfront, you can enjoy more by just digging deeper into the website.

The same with other free video streaming sites, you can expect an aggressive number of pop-up ads before finally viewing your favorite movie but it would be all worth it anyway.

Go to this website.


Lookmovie is another alternative you can use for Losmovies as they give the same feels. With the lack of pop-up ads and fewer side ads on the homepage, you can freely navigate through the movies of your liking.

What’s great with the site is it got this powerful feature where you can filter through the movies using genre, year, rating, and category.

It also showcases the latest trending movies upfront so you’ll never miss out. With minimal pop-up ads, it’s a no-brainer why people tend to choose Lookmovie as their video streaming site.

With videos ranging from series, movies, anime, cartoons, and even musical shows, you can find yourself in a haven of entertainment once you settle down and start picking one movie after the other.

Go to this website.


Rainierland is a simple yet popular movie streaming site in the web today as it constantly updates its database with the latest movies, even while they’re in the theatres.

Users can access the website and its movies even without registration. Users can also add movies into their own watchlist for them to keep track of their favorite ones.

What makes this video streaming site cool is you can request to the admin movies you want to see, if it’s not in their current database yet. Then they can do their magic and add it so you could watch and enjoy it.

Go to this website.



People have multiple avenues of entertainment in the form of music, movies, TV shows, and sports.

Soap2day provides a full-service platform where you get access to all the above.

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You might mistakenly take Xmovies8 as an adult site based on its name but think again, this website is one of the hottest on the web right now due to its full HD capabilities.

No registration is needed to fully access all the HD movies on the platform. Another thing that makes it great over the others is the removal of the pop-up ads. The removal of these pop-up ads significantly reduces the hassle users experience thus they choose to stick to using xmovies8.

The design is very simple that a simple scroll down will bring you to the trending and latest movies. Integrated with a powerful search bar, you can find your favorite movies and start watching them on HD in just a click.

Go to this website.


Lunchfix, one of the newest video streaming sites that launched just this 2023, is one of the hottest alternatives you can choose over Losmovies.

Despite having a name rooting from lunch, which originated from the owner’s desire of watching movies during lunchtime, you can watch your favorite movies and series any time you want to on this platform.

The homepage has a very simple design that showcases the recently uploaded movies, movies that are currently in the theatres, movie series collections such as trilogies, and director’s collection.

One of the best feature why so many people choose Lunchfix is the removal of aggressive pop-up ads that significantly increases the convenience of any user trying to enjoy a movie during their lunch.

Go to this website.


Einthusan is the largest and leading pub for South Asian movies. It’s a home to 4000 plus legally licensed content from all of India.

The homepage showcases options for different languages and cultures of your liking where you could start choosing, from Tamil to Punjabi

Once inside your chosen language, you will be then redirected to a simply designed page where you can search and sort out your desired movie or series with buttons and dropdowns.

Accessing the site is free and with it comes free movies you can watch but to see more high quality and high rated films, one can opt to upgrade his account to premium.

What is great with Einthusan is they are proud of constantly updating and acquiring films to continue entertaining their users.

Go to this website.



Demand for content in regional languages is increasing day by day by day. Spacemov hosts content in Hindi, Tamil, English, Punjabi, and Telugu, languages spoken in India. 

Moreover, it also allows users to enjoy Hollywood movies. 

Go to this website

Vex Movies


Initially, this platform could not boast a huge library but presently, you can get access to all the popular titles on Vex Movies. 

With no ads, it is gaining popularity slowly but steadily.

Go to this website


The trouble Losmovie gets into with credibility and legal actions might have caused worries among those who rely on the internet for free movies and entertainment.

However, there are plenty of video streaming services you can find on the web. It’s all about taking the time to look for what is suitable for your preferences.


Is movie streaming illegal?

It depends, the movie streaming sites before were turning into piracy to have something up on their servers but most movie streaming sites today import links from third-party services to secure and share the movies and videos into their site

Is losmovies safe?

Yes, losmovies is a safe site, however, the ads and redirects that you come across on the site can have malware. Considering thing, make sure you have an anti-virus before you use the site.

What’s the best movie streaming alternatives to losmovies in 2024?

There are several movie streaming sites like Thewatchseries, Couchtuner, and Losmovies that you can use to stream movies online for free.

Why did Losmovies got shut down?

Losmovies often get shut down as the site host pirated content. However, there are mirror sites and working alternatives that movie fanatics can try out as in case the website is blocked in their region.

Why use VPN for streaming movies on Losmovies?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN as you stream movies online. Most of these movie streaming sites offer free content, however,  you will be bombarded with ads and pop-ups that can steal your personal information.