Main Characteristics Of Hockey Betting

Hockey betting is a pretty popular among gamblers. Here players more often score a goal and receive removal, so this kind of sport is even more dynamic than football. Accordingly, here even more options for analysis, in comparison with the football lists.

Let’s analyze the special features that directly affect on hockey rates. Due to the numerous matches in a smooth season, the importance of winning is lower than in football and for this reason totals and handicaps are popular among hockey betting. There are also some restrictions on the number of tournaments, on which it is possible to bet.

Usually in hockey there are two rival teams, which include goalkeepers, forwards and defenders. The goalkeeper and players consisting of five participants from the same command can be on the ice arena at once. The command often consists of four chains, which can change from time to time due to give a partner chance for rest.

The game include a three periods of twenty minutes, sometimes is also possible a stopping time. Usually wins the team with the most scored goals.

Hockey betting is accepted without taking into account an extra time. Matches are held here quite often, which makes it possible to be more accurate in assessing the form of command players and analyzing statistics.

Hockey sports betting line at Parimatch

Parimatch has a wide line of hockey sports betting and includes all popular tournaments. Among the important events are:

  • the Winter Olympic Games, which are held every 4 years;
  • NHL and KHL leagues;
  • championships of European countries;
  • championships of North American countries!

When betting on hockey, it is important to consider some factors. The physical form of the opponents — here it is important to pay special attention to the last 4–5 duels. Also, it is important to remember about the difference in the away and home games. Before making a bet, it is advisable to separately analyze the exodus of these games, in what form are the participants, which of the opponents has a longer winning streak.

The history of face–to–face games — such type of analysis is one of the most important. The game tactics can often be incompatible, and at the same time one of the teams may feel obvious discomfort, which will obviously affect the results. Tournament status and motivation — motivation can be one of the most important factors when making forecast.

Injured players — as any injury can significantly affect the outcome of the match. That’s why, before making ice hockey betting, it is worth to explore the structure of the command and the physical form of the players. Coaching staff — with changes in the coach’s membership, there may be changes in match, and the command’s playing style may change dramatically. While considering these factors, bettor can significantly increase the chances for success.


Thus, hockey has its own specifics, what is important to consider when rate on such type of event. However, hockey bets gives a really good opportunity to make a big money. Such sport is often chosen in winter period.