Marty Lagina Net Worth – How Did Marty Lagina Make Money in 2023?

As of 2023, Marty Lagina’s net worth is $100 million. Let’s find out how Marty Lagina made his money.

Marty Lagina Net Worth - How Did Marty Lagina Make Money in 2023?

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What is Marty Lagina’s net worth and earnings in 2023?

Marty Lagina’s exact net worth in 2023 remains undisclosed to the public. However, based on various reports and estimates, it’s evident that his financial stature is impressive.

Over the years, his business ventures and active participation in the reality TV show “The Curse of Oak Island” have significantly boosted his earnings, turning him into a multi-millionaire.

How does Marty Lagina make money?

Marty Lagina has successfully managed to cultivate multiple streams of income. His primary earnings come from “The Curse of Oak Island,” a show aired on the History Channel.

But that’s not all; he also profits from Oak Island Tours, which he co-owns. This tour company allows enthusiasts and fans to experience the island’s mystery firsthand.

Marty’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there. With the co-founding of Terra Energy Corporation in Michigan, he delves deep into oil and gas explorations, a considerable source of his income.

How does Marty Lagina make money

Marty Lagina Business Ventures & Investments

One of Marty’s significant achievements in the business realm is the co-founding of Terra Energy Corporation. This company focused on oil and gas exploration and became notably successful.

After years of prosperous operation, Marty sold it, adding a substantial sum to his wealth. Not one to rest on his laurels, Marty saw potential in the wine industry.

He embarked on a wine-making journey, further amplifying his financial portfolio. His ability to spot business opportunities and capitalize on them has been a hallmark of his success.

Marty Lagina’s Assets

Marty’s assets, though not entirely public, are known to be expansive. He holds a significant stake in Oak Island Tours, a lucrative venture due to the show’s popularity.

Additionally, he owns several valuable real estate properties. Given his keen business insights, it’s highly likely he’s invested across different sectors, ensuring a diversified portfolio and a continuous flow of income.

Marty Lagina's Assets

Marty Lagina’s Career

Beginning his professional journey in the energy sector, Marty made a name for himself with Terra Energy Corporation.

However, his career took a significant turn when he, along with his brother, became the main character in “The Curse of Oak Island.”

The show’s immense success not only made him a household name but also cemented his position in the entertainment industry.

This TV venture, combined with his business undertakings, showcases the breadth and depth of Marty’s career.

Who is Marty Lagina?

Net Worth Est. Millions (Exact figure undisclosed)
Monthly Income Varies (Consistent substantial income from various ventures)
Date of Birth August 26, 1955
Gender Male
Height Approx. 5’8″
Profession Businessman, Reality TV Star
Nationality American

Marty Lagina’s Lifestyle

Marty, with his amassed wealth, enjoys a lifestyle many aspire to. His known passion for wine-making hints at a refined palate, and while he’s achieved celebrity status, he’s managed to keep his personal life discreet.

Though away from the limelight, there’s no doubt that he enjoys and indulges in the luxuries his hard-earned money affords him.

Marty Lagina Lifestyle

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Marty Lagina has two sisters, Terese Fornetti and Marianne Gardner, and an elder brother, Rick Lagina. Marty Lagina’s wife is Olivia Lagina.

They have two children: a son named Alex and a daughter named Maddie. Alex Lagina is also an engineer and helps his father run his businesses.


Why is Marty Lagina famous?

Marty gained widespread recognition for his central role in “The Curse of Oak Island.” However, his fame isn’t limited to television.

His successful ventures in the oil, gas, and wine industries have also made headlines, making him a notable figure in the business world.

How did Marty start his career?

He embarked on his career journey in the energy domain, co-founding the Terra Energy Corporation. His skills and leadership in the sector were undeniable.

While he achieved significant business success, his transition to television further broadened his horizons and public image.

Is Marty involved in any other business apart from oil and gas?

Absolutely. Marty, with his ever-curious entrepreneurial spirit, ventured into the wine-making industry.

This endeavor showcases his ability to diversify and tap into various business avenues, further consolidating his status as a versatile businessman.

What drives Marty Lagina in his ventures?

Marty’s passion for exploration, whether delving into the mysteries of Oak Island or exploring the nuances of the wine industry, drives him.

His inquisitiveness, combined with a solid business sense, has been a cornerstone of his achievements.

Has Marty Lagina received any awards or accolades?

While Marty’s most visible achievement is the success of his ventures and the popularity of “The Curse of Oak Island,” specific details about awards or accolades remain private.

However, his contributions to the energy sector and entertainment industry are undeniable.