Massive shift in North Pole demands earlier update for navigation

The rapid shift in the northern magnetic pole requires early release for latest models of the magnetic field meant for civilian and military navigation in area surrounding the Arctic. A partial shutdown for federal government shall eventually delay release of the model starting January 15 till January 30. Even with the request by U.S. Military for early update, the same cannot be delivered.

According to sources, there is no answer to why this change accelerated or why the change in field has surged very recently. The last model for magnetic field got released in the year 2015 with updates slated within a 5-year-interval. However, these changes are big enough for civilian and military navigation mostly close to Arctic Ocean. This is why a new revision needed to be added for the year 2019. A surge took place in 2016 right after last model for magnetic field of Earth was set.

This particular update doesn’t actually affect the GPS receivers that don’t rely over magnetic North or South Pole. Instead, a receiver tends to pick up the signals from several satellites giving in the exact position of someone or something in the orbit. Satellite orbits flaunt optimized features for reception in populated parts which reduces in accuracy when it comes to Arctic reception with low to zero population.