29 Masteranime Alternatives- Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2024

Anime has been a mainstay of entertainment for generations, and the landscape is evolving as streaming services introduce more ways to watch.

With websites like Masteranime providing free access to thousands of different anime titles, it’s no wonder they have grown in popularity so quickly.

Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, many regions do not offer users legal access to this streaming service.

In search of a replacement? Check out this list of the best 29 masteranime alternatives for 2024- free, legal, and ready for you to view.


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What happened to Masteranime?

Unfortunately, in 2021, Masterani announced its official shutdown due to a lack of proper licensing arrangements with content creators.

This caused dismay among their large fanbase, who had grown accustomed to having access to both old and new titles without paying any additional cost.

Despite shutting down, there are still plenty of free, legal streaming alternatives available to viewers in different countries.

29 Best Masteranime Alternatives In 2024

1. Zoro.to


This website hosts a wide range of animes from multiple sources including YouTube and various other online platforms, all on one convenient page.

With the massive library that is updated every day, users can ensure they find something new and entertaining every time they visit Zoro. Furthermore, viewers don’t need any special software or subscriptions to watch their favorite shows.

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2. Animetw


With its versatile mobile app and dedicated website, viewing your favorite anime on the go has never been easier.

With a searchable library updated with new titles daily, finding something to watch isn’t hard either. The user interface is like Masteranime’s in terms of cleanliness and simplicity, making it an ideal replacement option.

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3. Duboku TV

Duboku TV

An excellent provider of legal anime streaming, with licensing from a huge array of sources. With titles sorted into genres for easy browsing and full HD resolution available on most episodes, this is another top-tier alternative to Masteranime in 2024.

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4. AniWatcher


Widely regarded as among the best alternatives to Masteranime due to its clean interface and viewing options tailored specifically for anime viewers only. Aniwatcher also offers the benefit of streaming dubbed anime titles.

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5. WcoStream


With a suggestive algorithm to pinpoint series and movies that fit your taste in storytelling, WCOstream gives its users easy access to over 50k+ anime shows and videos, all hosted by licensed content sources.

Connect your Kitsu or AniList libraries for an even smoother viewing experience.

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6. AnimeFenix


Animefenix is one of the most innovative streaming websites currently available, it allows users to pick and choose what they want to watch in the form of “Packs” which offers all seasons of their chosen anime for a lump sum payment.

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7. 4Anime


With over 3 million active users each month enjoying free quality animes from licensors such as Funimation and Crunchyroll, as well as great user profile options allowing you to keep track of your progress in your favorite series, this is a great contender for a Masterani alternative in 2024.

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8. WcoForever


With its intuitive UI design, quality content selection, and fully ad-free platform with no payment needed to watch new titles – this streaming site has it all. Viewers can stream their beloved animes online as well as download them for offline access.

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9. 123Anime


123anime has quickly become a go-to destination for both casual and hardcore anime lovers alike due to its extensive library of series and video content that is all provided free.

With no premium subscription required, it’s easy to access all sorts of shows, with brand new episodes being added regularly.

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10. AnimePark


Aimed at pleasing the modern crowd with multiple platforms available, this site provides HD-resolution videos from licensed sources which viewers can then stream or download at their convenience.

Boasting a clean, ads-free interface, AnimePark is certainly a viable replacement for any disappointed Masteranime fans in 2024.

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11. Animeland


This website offers both new and old titles as well the ability to follow series from start to finish while being privy to episode descriptions before committing viewers, making it another possible option for masterani fans on the search for an alternative source in 2024.

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12. Chia Anime


This website is on the rise and seeks to offer viewers a versatile experience by offering both video streaming and downloading services all for free.

Without requiring any sign-up in order to watch or download, this site’s variety of anime series makes it an ideal choice for fans wishing to part with Master anime.

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13. Funimation


The name of same says it all as they are one of the oldest and most trusted names in anime streaming. Their premium subscriptions offer access to their entire library, with unlimited viewing on phones, tablets, or connected TVs, all for one fee.

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14. AnimeDao


While providing a fantastic source of legal streaming services containing an ever-growing catalog, Animedao also has several features that allow users to rate the series they’re watching, giving other viewers an idea as to whether or not it’s worth checking out.

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16. Animesuge


Formerly known as AnimeIGE, this provider has steadily grown in recent times, hosting some of the most popular animes from both Crunchyroll and Funimation all from one website.

Along with having access to past seasons, Animesuge also offers users the opportunity to watch new episodes upon their release without any added cost.

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17. KimCartoon


Popular amongst fans seeking a platform for transitioning between anime and cartoons as well as hosting numerous titles in its library of over 11k+ selections, Kimcartoon is free but utilizes ads within instance viewing, which can be tailored with a VIP or annual membership subscription.

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18. AnimeID


While this may look like any ordinary website, it lures visitors with its grand selection of both anime and manga titles users can get access to either for free or through their own individual purchases depending on what they intend to watch from the website catalog.

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19. 9anime


9Anime offers viewers a variety of free anime streaming options with no registration or payment required. It is updated daily and hosts a plethora of titles from both classic time-honored animes to all the latest must-watch series.

Its user interface provides simple navigation and quick search results for locating your favorite shows in just several seconds.

Advantages include HD resolution, support for multiple languages subtitles, and full read and write access for anyone making comments on videos this website has it all as a great alternative in 2024.

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20. Soulanime


SoulAnime might have the biggest library of any streaming service on this list, containing thousands of full-length episodes and series from both old classics to more modern releases.

The website is completely free and hosts an array of language subtitles making it extremely accessible for viewers across many countries worldwide.

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21. Wcoanimedubtv


Wcoanimedubtv offers mobile support along with downloadable content, allowing users access to their favorite shows wherever they go.

The streaming quality is excellent, and navigation is a breeze, with no payment or registration needed to use the site for all users.

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22. Animecrush


AnimeCrush provides viewers options from over 2k+ legal anime series sources, played in an array of resolutions up to 4K UHD as well as fast download speeds on titles unavailable on other websites that are fully licensed by content creators. No payment is necessary.

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23. Animenova


Popular among dedicated fans seeking the best quality content, AnimeNova has become a top contender for an ideal Masteranime substitute in 2024.

It features regularly updated episodes and provides multiple platforms to ensure that watching anime remains accessible regardless of users’ devices or locations.

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24. Cartooncrazy


This website is dedicated only to streaming cartoons and not just restricted to them either as they offer classic titles from Disney favorites such as Mulan or Lion King.

Moreover, it also boasts HD-resolution videos along with days’ worth of continuous animes and cartoons, making it an extremely viable master anime alternative.

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25. Animelab


AnimeLab is another great option to satisfy anime viewers of all kinds with its extensive selection of over 2,500 different series, including both subbed and dubbed versions, along with providing viewer access from a variety of devices such as IOS and Android, making this service perfect for anyone on the move.

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26. Anilinkz


Anilinkz offers viewers full control when finding their desired titles by letting them search through different platforms to stream from, and is also available on mobile.

Furthermore, viewers have the option of scrolling between various animes by choosing their favorite genre and watching uninterrupted episodes.

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27. Yugenanime


YugenAnime already has 12k+ titles in its ever-growing library for eager fans to choose from that is regularly updated with new episodes as they come out.

By using this streaming service, users can take advantage of its inviting ads-free platform, thus making it a viable choice for viewers in search of an alternative in 2024.

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28. Animelon


Animelon has one major goal, and that is to educate fans while letting them stay up-to-date with their favorite titles from both new releases and insightful reviews.

Featuring primary language audio and subtitles, users can improve their knowledge when streaming; making it a great masteranime replacement option.

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29. Animebee


AnimeBee is quickly gathering supporters through its daring approach by giving viewers access to both subbed and dubbed versions of their animes, with brand new episodes added after only 7 days upon airing.

Not limited by any kind of restrictions, they also offer a streaming service for cartoons that aren’t available in most countries.

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Is masteranime legal?

Currently, due to a lack of the necessary licenses from many content creators, masteranime is not considered a legal streaming platform.

Is Masteranime safe?

While relying on the website itself may be unsafe and risky due to a lack of licensing agreements between providers, using VPNs to stream anime safely is certainly possible but comes at an independent cost.

How To Safely Stream Masteranime?

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the simplest way to safely stream anime.

A good VPN will encrypt your data and keep your activities private while allowing you to bypass restrictions on websites or streaming services when content is unavailable in certain countries due to licensing agreements.

What Is The Best VPN To Stream On Masteranime?

Not all VPNs are equal, so it’s important to pick one that offers strong encryption and a reliable connection so that your streams remain uninterrupted.

Some of the best VPNs for streaming on Masteranime are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.