Meaning of Gold Star Emoji On Snapchat And How To Get It?

Are you a Snapchat user? You may have come across the Gold Star Emoji.

The emoji has been causing a lot of mixed reactions by users on the platform over what it means.

It would be better to understand all the Snapchat emojis and their meanings for an optimum user experience.

One common misconception about the gold star emoji Snapchat users believe to be true is; it means that one has played your snap several times.

Unfortunately, that isn’t right. It’s okay to get mixed up sometimes. There is still plenty to learn on Snapchat.

Today, our focus is on the meaning of the gold star emoji on Snapchat and how to get it. Stay put. 


Meaning of Gold Star Emoji on Snapchat

Here’s the thing! We dug various web sources about the gold star emoji and discovered that many Snapchat players have been missing out on getting the gold star emoji because they don’t understand its meaning in the first place.

There are several misconceptions on social media platforms like Twitter.


Other misconceptions you may have heard about getting the gold star emoji beside your username are: 

  • It means replaying your friend’s Snaps after them playing yours multiple times.
  • It means your friend screenshotted your snap.
  • It’s a rank.



So, if you have come across a gold star emoji on your friend’s username, it’s never about one of the above meanings.

In the same breath, it has nothing to do with a player viewing your snap.

A gold star emoji appearing beside a username on Snapchat means that the user has posted something interesting, leading to other users replaying it in the last 24 hours. 


For example, if your friend by the name Peterson has a gold star emoji beside his name, it merely means that you or one of his other friends replayed his snaps recently, in the past 24 hours. 

How to Get a Golden Star Emoji?

I guess your next question would be, how do I get the gold star emoji on Snapchat besides my username?

Getting a gold star emoji besides your name will require you to be a little bit popular on Snapchat such that after you post a snap, at least one user can give you a replay.

Every snap may not necessarily add you a gold star emoji besides your name.

Getting the gold star is also pegged on how interesting your snap is for attracting views and replays.


Wrap Up

We hope this article helps to clear any misconceptions Snapchat players may have about the gold star emoji.

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Snapchat will put the gold star emoji beside you or your friend’s username to mean your snap was replayed in the last 24 hours by at least one friend.

Note that Snapchat will not award a gold star to all your posts on the platform, but only the ones it finds interesting.

You need to be popular on the platform with sizable views for you to get a replay or two.

You can also help your friends on Snapchat get a gold star emoji by paying attention to their exciting snaps and replaying them within 24 hours.