Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth – How Did Mohammed Bin Salman Make Money in 2023?

As of 2023, Mohammed Bin Salman’s net worth is $1.8 trillion. Let’s find out how Mohammed Bin Salman made his money.

Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth - How Did Mohammed Bin Salman Make Money in 2023

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What is Mohammed Bin Salman’s Net Worth and Earning In 2023?

Mohammed Bin Salman, commonly referred to as MBS, boasts a staggering net worth of $1.8 trillion as of 2023. He is one of the wealthiest individuals globally.

The foundation of this vast wealth primarily comes from Saudi Arabia’s rich oil reserves, strategic investments, and real estate ventures. His earnings also encompass returns from multiple business endeavors and assets spread across various domains.

How Does Mohammed Bin Salman Make Money?

Mohammed Bin Salman’s primary source of wealth is undoubtedly oil. Being the crown prince of Saudi Arabia provides him significant authority over the nation’s vast oil reserves, which significantly boosts his net worth.

However, MBS is not solely reliant on oil; he has smartly diversified his investments across sectors like real estate, technology, and hospitality, ensuring he has multiple revenue streams.

How Does Mohammed Bin Salman Make Money

Mohammed Bin Salman Business Ventures & Investments

Outside of oil, Mohammed Bin Salman has been strategic in his business endeavors. His investments made through the Kingdom Holding Company have garnered significant attention.

By securing stakes in luxury hotel chains like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the Savoy Hotel, and the Plaza Hotel, he has ensured a stable inflow of revenue. These investments not only diversify his financial portfolio but also serve as a testament to his business acumen.

Mohammed Bin Salman Assets

MBS has a plethora of assets to his name. The Kingdom Holding Company stands out as a primary asset, being a conglomerate with various lucrative holdings.

Besides, his significant ownership of luxury hotels adds immense value to his asset portfolio. These are just a few instances; in reality, his assets span various sectors, both within and outside Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Bin Salman Assets

Mohammed Bin Salman’s Career

Mohammed Bin Salman’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting in the political and administrative realms of Saudi Arabia, his dedication, vision, and leadership qualities have seen him ascend to the position of crown prince.

This role not only offers him political power but also allows him to oversee and manage Saudi Arabia’s vast resources, including its treasured oil reserves.

Who is Mohammed Bin Salman?

Net Worth $1.8 trillion
Monthly Income Not Disclosed
Date of Birth 31 August 1985
Gender Male
Height 6 feet tall (183 cm)
Profession Crown Prince, Businessman
Nationality Saudi Arabian

Mohammed Bin Salman’s Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the crown prince mirrors his stature and immense wealth. From acquiring prime real estate globally to owning some of the world’s most luxurious yachts and exquisite art pieces, MBS knows how to live life king-size.

These extravagant purchases are a reflection of his personal tastes and the affluence he commands.

Mohammed Bin Salman's Lifestyle

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

He was born to King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his third wife, Fahda bint Falah Al Hithlain. As for his siblings, Mohammed bin Salman is the eldest among his mother’s children. His full siblings include Turki bin Salman, former chairman of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, and Khalid bin Salman.

In terms of his personal life, Mohammed bin Salman is married to Sara Bint Mashour Al Saud. They got married on April 6, 2008, and have five children – three Princes and two Princesses.


Has Mohammed Bin Salman been involved in any controversies?

Indeed, MBS’s name has been linked to several controversies, the most glaring being his purported involvement in the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Additionally, his governance has sometimes been criticized for human rights abuses and other political decisions.

What is the main source of Mohammed Bin Salman’s wealth?

The cornerstone of MBS’s massive wealth is oil. However, he also amasses significant earnings from his diverse investments in real estate, hospitality, and various other sectors.

Has Mohammed Bin Salman made any significant charitable contributions?

Absolutely. Mohammed Bin Salman is not just about wealth accumulation; he’s also known for his philanthropic streak. He has channeled billions into areas like education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and poverty alleviation, aiming to uplift society and bring about tangible positive change.

How influential is Mohammed Bin Salman in global affairs?

Given his status as Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and his immense wealth, MBS holds significant sway in global politics and economics. His decisions often have wide-reaching impacts, affecting international relations, oil prices, and even global markets.

What are some known hobbies or interests of Mohammed Bin Salman?

MBS has shown a keen interest in art, often acquiring rare and valuable pieces. He is also passionate about technological innovations and often invests in futuristic projects. Travel, architecture, and luxury automobiles are some of his other known interests.