Moist Critical’s Net Worth In 2023 – How Did Moist Critical Get Rich?

As of 2023, Moist Critical’s net worth is $5 million. Lets find out how Moist Critical made His money. Moist Critical

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What is Moist’s Critical Net Worth and Earning In 2023?

Moist Critical, born John Gregory Malacko, is a professional esports player and streamer currently residing in the United States.

As of 2023, Moist Critical has amassed a net worth estimated to be over $5 million through his successful career as an esports athlete and content creator on YouTube & Twitch. The primary sources for his wealth come from his salary and winnings as an esports player.

He is well-known for playing the popular shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive online at a professional level.

In addition to being one of the most prolific CS: GO players in his region, he also participates in various tournaments around the world and makes appearances on Twitch gaming shows such as FACEIT Pro League EU & Battle Royale New York Series Europe/North America.

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Furthermore, Moist Critical enjoys streaming on both YouTube and Twitch , where he also receives donations from fans.

He has used his platform to help promote organizations like ESL & GFINITY and also launched a clothing line in 2023.

But what really sets him apart is his willingness to give back and provide financial support for younger players in need of assistance with their tournament entry fees as well as gear funding for coaching sessions.

Moist Critical’s current estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, making him one of the wealthiest content creators-slash -esports players in the world.

So, let’s take a closer look at how he earned all that money and what his career has been like over the years.

How Does Moist Critical Make Money?

Moist Critical generates most of his income from livestreaming on YouTube & Twitch where he offers various services such as playing games with viewers for donations or selling merchandise in exchange for loyalty points.

He also receives money from sponsorships and has partnered with several brands such as GFINITY, ESL, Elgato Gaming & HyperX.

In addition to monetizing his streams through donations and merch sales, Moist Critical also makes good use of his talents on gaming platforms like Esports platform Pro League EU or Battle Royale New York Series Europe/North America where he receives earnings for participating in competitive tournaments.

As an experienced streamer-slash-esports player, he is able to take the highest cut of the prize money for his impressive performance in tournaments.

Aside from earning money through streaming & gaming, Moist Critical also rakes in some cash by creating sponsored videos on YouTube and brand endorsement deals with companies such as INGME Inc., HyperX, GFINITY, and Elgato Gaming to name a few.

As one of the most popular content creators today, he has been known to collaborate with top brands who want to reach out to more viewers by having him as an endorser.

Going back to his streaming career, Moisture Critical earns an estimated $128k per year from platforms like Twitch and YouTube as well as sponsorship deals with organizations that look forward in having a piece of the pie that Moist brings into their business.

His current estimated earnings on Twitch stands at a staggering approximately $2 million while his monthly income from YouTube is also around the same ballpark figure after deducting expenses related to production & taxes. moist critical Make Money

Moist Critical Business Ventures & Investments

In addition to earning money through streaming activities, Moist Critical also earns from various business ventures outside of the digital space.

Most notable among these is creating his own clothing line in 2023 which consists of apparel sold by his gaming team as well as other merch.

His company also designs custom merchandise for several organizations like GFINITY and ESL Gaming.

Aside from running a fashion business, Moist Critical has also invested heavily into Esports events and training programs.

He has put up his own money to fund and sponsor multiple teams around the world along with providing essential resources such as coaching sessions, players assistance and other tournament entry related expenses .

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Moist Critical Assets

When looking at Moist Critical’s net worth, it is also important to bear in mind that his estimated wealth includes several of the assets he acquired through his profession over the years.

As one of the most decorated gamers in his scene, Moist Critical has been able to purchase several high-end gaming PCs along with other pieces of hardware to support his streaming activities.

Moreover, business related assets such as an office space for meeting purposes and certain apparel are also part of Moisture’s portfolio that adding significant value to the estimated net worth we calculated above. moist critical Assets 

Moist Critical Career

It was in the year 2023 when Moist Critical started to make a name for himself in the professional online gaming scene starting with playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

At the time, he began streaming and competing at an international level where his skills as one of CSGO’s most formidable players slowly gained recognition within Esports circles & platforms such as FACEIT Pro League EU or Battle Royale New York Series Europe/North America.

His reputation soon grew to that of Verge’s top streamers where he also started to gain endorsements from giant technology companies like Elgato Gaming as well as sponsorships from ESL & GFINITY.

Since then, Moist Critical has been very active in the Estates pro king community playing a range of titles such as League Of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and even decorations on various fighting game events with his impressive 5v5 lineup .

Most Popular Movies

In addition to being a well-known Esports & Twitch streamer, Moist Critical has also gained recognition as an actor having featured in several of Bing’s most popular movies such as the critically acclaimed “Top Gun: Maverick,” where he played Rex Gunderson.

He also starred in films like ‘The Cabin In The Woods 2′ and ‘Jumanji 5’, the latter of which was released late 2023 .

Who is Moist Critical?

Net Worth $5 million
Monthly Income Approximately $167k (Estimated from $2 million annual Twitch income)
Date of Birth 2 August 1994
Gender Male
Height 5ft 6in
Profession Esports player, Streamer, Content creator
Nationality USA

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Moist Critical Lifestyle

John Gregory Malacko AKA Moist Critical is a big fan of arts and culture, in his free time he loves exploring different forms of painting such as drawing & sketching.

He is also a big fan of cars and has been spotted driving around in luxury sports cars numerous times.

Due to the massive success of Moist Critical’s career as an esports star, he now enjoys a lavish lifestyle thanks to the fortune that has come with it million dollars worth net worth takes care of all necessary expenses.

Thus far, John can be considered one of the most successful streamers to have graced the online gaming platform as he now owns several properties & cars, and also recently launched a clothing line ‘Moist Merchandise’.

In addition, He has been known for his philanthropy work supporting fundraiser events such as charity streaming sessions for fundraising causes.

Moist Critical Lifestyle

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

John Malcolm was born in the United States of America, to a middle-class family consisting of two siblings.

Information about his parents and family is not available at the moment, as he keeps it private and rarely shares or discusses them on any form of media.


What is Moist’s Critical Net Worth?

Moist Critics estimated net worth stands at a whopping $5 million thanks to all the sources mentioned above.

How much does Moist Critical earn from Twitch Streaming?

Moist Critical earns an estimated $128k per year from platforms like Twitch.

His current estimated earnings on Twitch stands at a staggering approximately $2 million while his monthly income from YouTube is also around the same ballpark figure after deducting expenses related to production & taxes.

What kind of donations does Moist Critical receive?

Moist Critical receives donations mostly in the form of monetary payments and merchandise sales, where fans can purchase loyalty points with which they can redeem rewards as a sign of appreciation for his hard work.

Apps like StreamLabs have also allowed viewers to gain access to exclusive streams & videos by donating to Moist’s streaming platforms.

What types of endorsements does Moisture Critical receive?

Moist Critical is well-known for his extensive list of brand partnerships and endorsements including companies such as INGME Inc.,

HyperX, GFINITY & Elgato Gaming. He also garners other deals from sponsorships related to Esports events or tournaments.

What is the Moist Critical manager’s contact?

Due to privacy matters , only registered members of Moist Critical’s team can get access information regarding his manager’s contact details.

However, you can reach him through social media platforms like Twitter at @moistcritical or email him at