24 MyFlixer Alternatives For Movies In 2024 (100% Safe)

MyFlixer is a popular free movie streaming platform. 

It guarantees an ad-free experience and offers a plethora of movies and shows.

With content in HD quality, My Flixer is a go-to movie streaming platform for millions of users!

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What Happened to MyFlixer?

Whenever we are using free movie streaming sites like MyFlixer, we must remember that they are illegal per se due to the copyright violations they indulge in. MyFlixer is a free streaming site where you may find lots of content that is not owned by it.

For this reason, MyFlixer runs into issues in many jurisdictions, especially those that enforce their copyright laws strictly. Thus, the official website of MyFlixer is permanently down, however, mirrors and new Myflixer sites keep cropping up (not all of them being genuine or reliable). 

Top 5 MyFlixer Alternatives: Editor’s Pick 

  1. KanopyA free yet legal streaming site that supports content creators.
  2. YesMovies – The perfect alternative for MyFlixer, where movies are classified according to genre, country, and IMDB ratings.
  3. Coke and Popcorn –  Apart from Hollywood Coke and Popcorn also offer Asian content.
  4. Tubi TV – Completely legal and accessible at the same time, Tubi TV runs very few ads. 
  5. LetMeWatchThis – Also known as PrimeWire, the site allow users to create movie playlists.

24 Best Alternatives To MyFlixer In 2024- 100% Working

1. Los Movies

Los Movies

Be it the latest web series or movies, you can rely on Losmovies to get you a good quality streaming link.
Not only do you get this without having to register on the site, but you can also use its carefully arranged categories to discover new content in no time.

Furthermore, its library features thousands of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy. 

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2. 1moviesHD


1moviesHD is a great alternative to Myflixer. In fact, while streaming content on 1moviesHD, you will feel as if you are using a premium movie streaming service.

As the name suggests, you can access content in HD quality on this website. In fact, its library of movies and TV shows is as good as any other platform.

Did we forget to mention that, like MyFlixer, 1moviesHD is also completely free?

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3. 123movies

Accessing high quality (and even HD quality) is somewhat easy, but there are a lot of countries where the internet is expensive, and bandwidth is limited. Does it mean that you cannot watch movies to your heart’s content?

The answer is NO. 123movies works on a technology where the entire file does not get downloaded onto your system at once, and it does so in batches. making it easier for you to stream even with a slow internet connection.

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4. Coke and Popcorn


While there are tons of Myflixer alternatives out there, Coke and Popcorn stand out not purely because of their quirky name.

Web series and other content from developing countries like India can be easily found on Coke and Popcorn. Besides that, users do get Hollywood content for free as well. The stream quality is perfect and there are no hidden costs associated with the website.

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5. Putlocker


The world of movies has much to offer, from the good old classics to the latest entertainment flicks. Putlocker is a safe my flixer.to alternative that needs to be given a serious look. The option to check IMDB ratings of content hosted on Putlocker is one of its most loved features.

Apart from that, the website is designed in such a way that you are sure to find lots of exciting streaming stuff.

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6. Yes Movies

Yes Movies

YesMovies is the perfect My Flixer alternative when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows for free. The search option of Yes Movies is not only prominently visible on its website but works efficiently too. Users of Yes Movies have always preferred using the recommended list of movies on its homepage. 

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7. Afdah


There are very few sites that offer movie streaming services for free without any strings attached. 

Afdah is an amazing alternative to Myflixer.to for those who are looking to use their mobile phones or tablets for streaming movies since it works very well with such devices.

The only issue with Afdah is that you need to disable any ad blockers you might have installed on your system.  Which can be annoying for some of the users.   

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8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

If you are concerned with the illegality of the free movie-streaming alternatives on this list, then you might want to take a look at Tubi TV.

Completely legal and completely free at the same time, Tubi TV runs a few ads, but even these ads are from premier Hollywood studios, so nothing will hamper your viewing experience. While it has a lot of free content, the highlight of Tubi TV is its vast Hollywood collection.

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9. Couchtuner


As the name suggests, the aim of Couchtuner is to ensure that you always have something to watch whilst relaxing on your couch. A paradise for binge-watchers, Couchtuner features movies, TV shows, and much more.

Armed with a powerful search feature on its homepage, Couchtuner is known for providing users with a stable streaming experience with very few ads. The best part is that its library gets updated fairly regularly, ensuring you always find the latest releases. 

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10. Ifvod


While manga and anime content is getting popular worldwide, so are movies and TV shows from the Asian continent. However, there has been a gap between the demand for such content and its supply.

Ifvod does an excellent job of filling this gap. The content on Ifvod is available in local languages, which ensures that the authenticity of the story is retained. Content can also be enjoyed on its official Ifvod app as well. 

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11. Vumoo


With more than 10,000 movie titles in its library, this list would have been incomplete without Vumoo

The reliability factor of Vumoo in terms of uploading new content every single day is what makes it so popular. Moreover, you can also download movies and TV shows on Vumoo with extreme ease. The website is designed considering the average internet user, and it is quite convenient to explore. 

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12. Bflix


As we mentioned earlier, there might be many Myflixr alternatives, but very few offer access to movies in FHD quality.

Bflix goes even beyond offering FHD quality movies. It also allows you to manage your watch history and keeps you updated about any new releases you might like. On its website, you will get access to more than 1,000 movies in HD quality.

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13. M4ufree


M4ufree is known for its extensive content library from which you can stream, as well as, download movies and TV shows. The search feature is pretty useful. This, coupled with the logical classification on the website, makes M4ufree a much sought-after streaming site.

Overall, the streaming experience is pleasant, with very few ads. Needless to say, you do not need to pay a single penny to use its streaming services. 

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14. Onion Play 


If you wish to try out new movie titles, then you are going to love Onion Play.

Hugely popular among both the young and the old, Onion Play is a fantastic platform to watch movies and TV shows. In fact, the overall streaming experience on the site is comparable to paid streaming services, even though the movie streaming website is entirely free.

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15. Einthusan


Einthusan is another classic alternative to Myflixer app, which also covers content from Asia. Unlike Ifvod, which we mentioned earlier, Einthusan is dedicated to content from the South Asia sub-continent.

Another aspect that makes Einthusan different from other streaming sites is that much of the content on this site is owned by it, thereby making its streaming legal. The content is diversified in terms of the number of languages making it easier to find the movie you are looking for. 

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16. Rainierland


What started as a platform for streaming TV shows has now transformed into a full-fledged content streaming site. Rainierland’s website is one of the simplest, no-nonsense websites that we have seen so far.

Presently, Rainierland prominently hosts all the top IMDB-rated movie titles and TV shows and is a great free alternative to Myflxer.com for streaming movies. 

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17. Project Free TV


Similar to Rainierland, Project Free TV also started off as a free platform for TV fanatics. With time, the platform has evolved considerably into one massive movie streaming site which is preferred by many. On Project Free TV, you must try out its recommendation system, which works like a charm. 

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18. LetMeWatchThis


Since there are so many free movie streaming sites online, the competition has increased over time. This has led to these sites trying to differentiate themselves. LetMeWatchThis, also known as PrimeWire, allows users to create a playlist of their favorite content apart from streaming movies and tv shows.

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19. 123chill


Yes, you guessed it right. 123chill is a site that is similar to 123Movies since it is essentially a mirror site of the latter. You will get access to its huge library of movies and TV shows completely free of cost.

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20. Flixtor


While its name is a display of clever wordplay on a popular streaming platform, it is a great alternative to MyFlixer. On Flixtor, you can stream content for free without any registration requirements. There are a few ads, though.

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21. Solar Movies

Solar Movies

This streaming platform is like the Godfather of movie streaming sites only because of its long-standing credibility. If there is any movie that you are unable to find elsewhere, then you will definitely find it on SolarmoviesThe standard features are all there, and you can also watch movies with subtitles in different languages. 

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22. Kanopy


If you have been on the lookout for free legal streaming platforms, then you must check out Kanopy. While it is free for you and me, it ensures that content creators on the platform get their dues. 

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23. Hurawatch


Like 1moviesHD, Hurawatch also specializes in providing HD-quality content to those who prefer it. However, Hurawatch goes ahead and also lets you download movies in HD, and its library is also much more exhaustive than 1moviesHD.

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24. SnagFilms


Snagfilms proudly declares itself to be an option for those who are looking for something different. Now also known as MyBundleTV, Snagfilms hosts over 2,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries and comedy shorts for free. 

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1. Is MyFlixer Legal?

No, MyFlixer is an illegal website since the content that it hosts is copyrighted and owned by others. 

2. Is MyFlixer Safe?

Yes, MyFlixer is a safer site as compared to many other alternatives, which feature a lot of pop-up ads with inappropriate links. 

3. How to Safely Stream MyFlixer?

The best way to safely stream MyFlixer is to follow the two-step rule – install VPN and install an ad-blocker. 

4. What is the best VPN to stream on MyFlixer?

While there are many good VPN service providers on the internet, NordVPN is best suited for sites like MyFlixer.

5. What is the new  MyFlixer site?

The official website is permanently down for Myflixer, however, the new Myflixer site that is Myflixer.to is still online.

6. Can I download movies from Myflixer?

Yes, with the help of third-party tool you can easily download content from Myflxer or any other streaming site.