National Dog Day 2022 : Everything You Need to Know

National Dog Day is celebrated every year in the United States to recognise the importance of mankind’s oldest friend and encourage dog adoption across the country.This year too it is expected to garner National and International Recognition.Through this post we are going to provide a brief overview of the history of the day and how you can celebrate it with your four legged companion.


Who Started National Dog Day ?

It was started by Colleen Paige who is an author and animal behaviour trainer in 2014.Her purpose to start this day was to bring National and International attention to issues pertaining to abuse of dogs, and operation of illegal puppy mills.Peripheral issues such as breed specific legislation were also highlighted.

How To Celebrate National Dog Day 2022

There are some amazing ways to celebrate this day and also make a contribution to animal welfare services :

1.Adopt a Dog: You can adopt a dog from your local animal rescue centre.

2.Volunteer: You can also volunteer at your local animal welfare shelter.You can offer to clean cages or take a dog out for a walk.

3.Raise Awareness : You can create an awareness campaign in your local community.You can train people about basic first aid for animals in distress, proper breeding methods and animal abuse reporting.You can also print and distribute t-shirts,cups and accessories bearing the National Dog Day symbol.

4.Organize Contests, Quiz : Various interesting contests such as dog beauty contests, quizzes , dog marathons can be organised to engage dog owners.

5.Get your own dog something or gift others: You can get your own dog some pretty accessory or gift it out to someone who has adopted a dog recently.

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We sincerely hope that you would celebrate and more importantly contribute in your personal capacity to this amazing cause.