New Jersey to expect dangerous snow storm with possibility of rain this weekend

A strong winter storm has been expected to bring down New Jersey region during the weekend. However, the exact pathway of this storm shall play a determining role to make sure that the residents of the region get slammed by heavy rain, heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, or combination of each one of these elements mentioned the forecasters on Wednesday.

Regardless of the form of precipitation to fall from sky on both Saturday and Sunday night, the forecasters mention that Garden State might experience dangerous form of ice storm. A blast comprised of Arctic’s frigid air shall sweep downwards from Canada which will cause rapid freezing of wet surfaces on Sunday night.

This quick freezing, also termed as flash freeze, will occur most probably as air temperatures will drop by 20 or 30 degrees within hours as predicted by the forecasters. A section of Sussex County can see mercury level plummet down from a whopping 32 degree on Sunday afternoon to a mere 2 degrees on Sunday night.

A meteorologist working for WeatherWorks Forecasting Company named Nich Sharr said that many places will have problems when it comes to drying out before the arrival of this cold air. Any standing form of rainwater, slush, or melted snow on the road & sidewalks shall quickly freeze as ice sheets.