Online Casino Industry in Norway

Gambling has been a tough topic for Norwegians. That’s because of their gambling laws and regulations. However, Norway does offer a handful of gambling opportunities, but only if they keep its gaming policy, which has three major pillars—stopping private companies from benefiting, averting financial anomalies, and avoiding problem gambling.

Political leaders realize the need for a revised gambling ruling in order to protect and maintain the igaming industry in Norway. But their focus is mainly on discouraging gambling addiction. Therefore, Norway presented new gambling legislation that has come into effect in 2021.

Despite its strict gambling laws, Norway is Europe’s third-biggest gambling county and the number of Norwegians signing up at offshore online casinos and sports betting sites is increasing. Truly, the igaming industry in Norway is progressing. 

In this article, we will talk about the online gambling industry in Norway.

Norway Gambling Laws

Norway gambling laws prohibit gamblers from betting with real money. However, players can bet without using real money in private. In 2010, the government also enacted a law banning governments from processing gambling-related money. This has been like a stone-hitting gamblers in Norway because it’s unattainable to submit funds on online gambling websites.

Although, people are able to make use of eWallet, which is a tool for dealing with gambling companies. These eWallets let players deposit from their local bank accounts before financing their online gambling account. Well, some of the e-wallets may not enable you to transact a huge amount of money until a particular type of verification is conducted. However, even though this method might be tough, it’s among Norway’s most effortless options for igaming.

Most Important Gambling Laws in Norway

  • The Lottery Act

This law was passed in 1995 and is a comprehensive piece of law that adequately explains and describes different types of real money games, which includes lottery games. In addition, this law permits private companies and individuals to operate non-for-profit gaming events arranged to support social causes.

  • The Totalisator Act

This law was passed in 1927 and gave Norsk Rikstoto Foundation the sole right to provide horse betting services under the stringent supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • The Gaming Act

This law was passed in 1992 and gives Norsk Tipping the sole right to offer gambling on football games and lottery games under the stringent supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.

Gambling With Norsk Tipping

The national lottery of the country is the Norsk Tipping. The company is a fully state-owned company, which is put under the Ministry of Culture and Church affairs supervision. It was founded in 1948 and presently provides sports betting, lottery games, Keno, etc.

Norsk Tipping was granted monopoly control over Norway’s lottery and sports betting functions by the Gaming Act of 1992. Thereafter, the company was also given the sole right to organize online poker websites for the country’s residents.

Norway’s Gambling Act of 2021

The 2021 version of Norway’s igaming legislation does not alter much as online betting goes. Online gambling will be permitted, but it will only be unrestricted through state-operated websites.

Norway’s state monopoly spots will offer keno, lottery games, and sports betting. Nevertheless, they will not have casino games like slot machines and poker. There will also be many regulations set on players in the latest versions of Norway’s online gambling laws.

For example, political leaders are taking into consideration time and betting limitations. So the software will be arranged to stop players from a site if they play excessively automatically.

The foremost priority of the igaming legislation in Norway is to design a regulatory framework. It will merge the previous laws to create a harmonious regulatory system. That part of the ruling has already been presented to the European Commission.

Slot Machine Gambling in Norway

Numerous Norwegian laws for gambling are a response to people’s betting habits and transforming technology.

For example, the Lottery Act in 1995 allowed the procedure of slot machines for charitable reasons. Private companies were authorized to associate with charitable organizations and divided the profits.

Then, slot machine technology advanced quickly in the next decade. Most of the income yielded by slot machines helped the Red Cross and other charitable causes.

Because of this, Norway’s political leaders were worried. The slot machine industry was badly regulated and developing too quickly. So, lawmakers formulated a new slot machine law presented in 2003.

Companies that associated with charitable institutions to operate slot machines resisted the bill. However, because of their legal challenges, the issue was not settled until 2007.