29 Pinoymoviepedia Alternatives for 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

PinoyMoviePedia is one of the hottest streaming networks in the Philippines with a huge database of Filipino movies, dramas, series, and music.

It’s completely free to access but as an online source, it comes with many restrictions; like geo-blocking due to copyright issues, etc.


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What happened to Pinoymoviepedia?

PinoyMoviePedia has been taken down due to copyright infringement and other legal issues in the year 2024. As of now, the popular streaming network is not available online but still, users can have access to many similar sites like PinoyMoviePedia through alternatives present on the internet.

Top 5 Pinoymoviepedia Alternatives: Editor’s Pick

TFC.tv: TFC.tv is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide selection of Filipino movies and TV shows. 

iWant: iWant is an official streaming service of ABS-CBN, one of the leading media networks in the Philippines. 

Cinema One Originals: It showcases a range of unique and thought-provoking movies from talented local filmmakers.

HOOQ: Provides a mix of local and international titles, and supports multiple devices for convenient viewing.

iFlix: Offers a wide range of titles, personalized recommendations, and the flexibility to watch on multiple devices.

29 Pinoymoviepedia Alternatives For Free Movies And TV Shows In 2024

1. SpacemovSpacemov

Spacemov is an excellent alternative to PinoyMoviePedia where visitors can watch movies and TV shows of their choice. Some benefits of using Spacemov are being able to watch movies in HD quality, low-cost subscription fees, a highly efficient search engine, a large collection of media content, and much more.

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2. Ifvod


IfVOD has a great selection of Filipino movies on its platform but it also serves other international hits from different eras as well.

It’s designed for people who love to stream high-quality content online with ease and convenience. Its user interface is hassle-free to navigate and you can even customize their list of favorite movies or shows for quick access.

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3. Thewatchseries


TheWatchSeries offers an extensive library of Filipino movies as well as series from other countries. It also provides a collection of the latest news and events from the entertainment industry so that viewers don’t miss any trending information.

Its multi-language support allows you to switch between different languages in order to browse its contents according to your own preference.

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4. 1MoviesHD


1MoviesHD is a great alternative to PinoyMoviePedia where you can find tons of Filipino movies and shows on the site. It also offers multiple mirror links so that you have no issues while trying out its content. There’s an inbuilt search engine present which makes it easy to locate your favorite media.

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5. Movie2k


Movie2k provides viewers with high-quality streaming services for both Filipino and international movies. It has an array of latest releases as well as classic ones which can be easily browsed through its intuitive interface.

Its updated database ensures that you always get the best streaming experience without ads and buffering issues.

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6. HiMovies


HIMovies is a great alternative to PinoyMoviePedia when it comes to Filipino content online. You can find plenty of popular local titles on this platform with high-resolution quality support free of cost.

Moreover, it also organizes its movies according to years, genres, and actors so that you can have a great time browsing through interesting films of your choice.

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7. Bflix


Bflix is the best-known streaming service in the Philippines for watching Filipino favorites with an impressive selection of media libraries available on it.

It’s completely free to access but has fewer ads as compared to other similar sites. Plus you won’t get interrupted while trying out contents due to buffering issues either.

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8. Vumoo


VUMOO has one of the biggest collections of Filipino titles along with other international ones. You can watch a variety of media anytime in HD quality on the platform easily. 

It’s safe, and secure and provides smooth streaming without any buffering problems added to its feature list. Additionally, VUMOO offers personalized recommendations to enhance your viewing experience.

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9. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is an excellent alternative for PinoyMoviePedia where you get access to tons of local favorites as well as Hollywood hits. Note that you need to subscribe first in order to access its full content library.

SnagFilms stands out with its curated selection of independent films and documentaries, making it a go-to platform for both mainstream and niche cinematic preferences.

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10. LookMovie


LookMovie has one of the most incredible collections of Filipino movies available on it for a decent subscription fee. The content library gets updated frequently so that you don’t miss out on any newly released titles from their beloved artists or directors.

Moreover, users can customize their list of favorite titles by creating watchlists as per their preferences.

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11. Sockshare


At SockShare, you can access a world of popular Filipino hits without any hassle. It has multiple mirror links so that viewers don’t have to face buffering issues when hopping across different servers for a continuous streaming experience. 

Plus its big library will make sure there are enough movies or shows available for entertainment purposes round the clock.

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12. Soap2Day


soap2day is another great alternative for PinoyMoviePedia to watch movies or shows of high quality. It offers all its contents free of cost while allowing users to rate the movies they love and dislike on the platform itself.

Moreover, it also has an effective search engine which makes locating your desired titles, a breeze!

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13. Putlocker


PutLocker is one of the most popular streaming portals in the Philippines. It provides hundreds of entertaining media titles from different countries as well from Hollywood hits to Filipino blockbusters.

Its efficient filtering feature helps you quickly navigate the library according to your preferred genres and decades within a few clicks only!

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14. Einthusan


Einthusan is the most preferred streaming service for PinoyMoviePedia fans who want unlimited access to Philippine movies both classic and newly released ones alike.

Additionally, it provides viewers with quick access links so that they don’t require wasting their precious minutes searching through the entire library looking for desired titles.

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15. YesMovies


YesMovies offers an unlimited streaming experience to its customers with a wide range of films, shows, and music videos from Filipino artists.

Its efficient search engine makes sure that viewers can never face any issues while trying out content available on the site. 

The platform also encourages a community feel where users rate and discuss titles, helping others find the best Filipino content they’ll enjoy.

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16. Solarmovie


Solarmovie is another worthy alternative to PinoyMoviePedia where viewers can access thousands of Filipino films without installation charges.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface with a great selection of films organized according to genres, years, and actors’ names.

Solarmovie also provides various mirror links so that you don’t face buffering issues while streaming content from its archive.

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17. Fmovies


Fmovies offers free streams of Philippine movies along with globally acclaimed shows and series under one roof.

It has a vast library with numerous genres so that users can choose from the list of their favorite titles at any time. Fmovie also provides multiple mirror links to easily access its contents online in HD quality.

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18. Viewster


Viewster currently redirects to ConTV where viewers can watch unlimited Filipino titles without downloading or buying them first.

The site features a user-friendly interface which makes it convenient to browse 2000+ media views quickly as per your own preference and convenience Moreover, the media contents are completely free of cost.

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19. Flixhq


Flixhq offers a great selection of local and international movies including PinoyMoviePedia’s favorite Filipino ones for its visitors to watch anytime in HD quality with no ads or buffering issues interrupting your streaming experience. 

It comes with multi-language support enabling viewers to switch between different languages for quick access. Flixhq’s simple interface and mobile app make it convenient to enjoy your favorite films on various devices while on the go.

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20. IOMovies

IOMovies is yet another alternative movie site like PinoyMoviePedia which provides premium streaming services on its platform.

Its highly efficient search engine helps users to locate desired titles without any hassle while its no-ads policy will let you enjoy your favorite movie or show in an uninterrupted fashion. 

Moreover, the site has a unique “Watch Later” feature that allows users to curate a personalized list of content.

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21. CmoviesHD


CmoviesHD features a big library of Filipino movies, shows, and music videos which the viewers can easily browse through sorting categories depending on their interests.

Plus there are many mirror links present so that users won’t face buffering issues between multiple servers for a continuous streaming experience.

Furthermore, CmoviesHD’s “Recommendation” feature utilizes advanced algorithms to suggest content based on your viewing history.

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22. Vmovee

Vmovee provides an extensive library of PinoyMoviePedia content which can be accessed anytime without creating an account or registration.

It also keeps its library updated regularly to bring viewers the latest and trending titles from the entertainment world swiftly within a few clicks only! 

On top of that, Vmovee’s user rating and review system lets you gauge the popularity and quality of movies and shows.

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23. 0123movies


0123movies features a decent selection of Filipino hits with top-notch image resolution besides, it offers a no-ads policy which would let you experience unlimited streaming without interruption when trying out different media content on this platform.

It also provides multiple server links to keep away buffering issues. 

You can also request movies that are not available on the site and get notified when they are uploaded. 

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24. Zoechip


Zoechip is the next PinoyMoviePedia alternative which offers you an exclusive collection of Filipino favorites from different eras and genres available in both HD resolution and low-quality streaming.

Additionally, it has a highly efficient search engine for quickly locating desired titles without any hassle.

Furthermore, it updates its movie library regularly with the latest releases and popular classics, as well as documentaries. 

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25. Yomovies


Yomovies has one of the most incredible libraries of Philippine films, dramas, and series that are designed according to needs users today can watch any content ranging from classics to the latest releases within a few clicks only.

Its user interface is easy-to-navigate and supports multiple languages while providing visitors with an uninterrupted streaming experience due to its no-ads policy.

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26. 123movies


123movies allows viewers to access thousands of PinoyMoviePedia movies on it for watching without having a subscription first.

It offers crystal clear image resolution along with low buffering issues as the platform comes with multiple mirror links for streamlined viewing forever!

It has a simple and elegant design that makes it easy to navigate and find your favorite movies. You can also sort the movies by popularity, rating, genre, or year of release. 

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27. Dramacool


Dramacool offers the latest and classic films, serials, and shows from the Philippines for Pinoy Movie fans for an excellent streaming experience without any subscription.

Its intuitive user interface helps viewers to quickly navigate its library of movies with various genres like action, romance, comedy, etc. available in full HD along multiple mirror links.

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28. Flixtor


Flixtor has a comprehensive selection of Filipino titles that can be easily accessed online free of cost in top-notch quality.

It also provides visitors with an immense library of global shows and music videos which can be browsed by sorting according to genres, years, or actors.

Moreover, it also allows users to customize their watchlists for quick access.

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29. M4ufree


M4ufree is the ultimate streaming destination for PinoyMoviePedia where users can find thousands of films from different countries simultaneously categorized in a way that viewers don’t face any hassles while browsing through its contents without paying extra charges added to the feature list.

You can also download movies from this platform to watch offline or share with their friends. 

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Is pinoymoviepedia legal?

PinoyMoviePedia offers unauthorized access to copyrighted material without obtaining consent from rightful owners, making it an illegitimate streaming platform. However, its alternative platforms are completely legal.

Is pinoymoviepedia Safe?

PinoyMoviePedia is an online piracy site that can cause harm to your system with malicious viruses as it allows free access to copyrighted content without taking permission from rightful owners.

How to Safely Stream pinoymoviepedia?

It’s not safe to stream content on PinoyMoviePedia due to copyright infringement issues. However, you can use its clones or similar sites safely by using a reliable VPN service.

What is the best VPN to stream on Pinoymoviepedia?

The best VPNs for streaming PinoyMoviePedia content include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark as they offer secure connection with numerous geo-restricted websites worldwide at high speed.

What is the Pinoymoviepedia New Site?

Visit the URL https://pinoymoviepedia.ru/ to check out the new Pinoymoviepedia website. 

How to Download Movies from Pinoymoviepedia?

To download movies from Pinoy Movies, go to the site, search for the movie, click on the poster, choose a download link, verify, and download. 

How to Unblock Pinoymoviepedia?

To unblock Pinoymoviepedia, do one of these:

  • Use a proxy server like Proxysite or Hide.me
  • Use a translation service like Google Translate to view the site in another language.
  • Use a VPN software to encrypt your traffic