Possible Ways To Stay Anonymous For Casino Fans

Many gamblers would like to stay anonymous while gambling. At first sight, this looks impossible. After all, you need to deposit funds and you need to withdraw your winnings. Add the fact many online casinos require account verification and this type of gambling looks truly impossible. However, there are a few options you may want to consider. 

No Verification Operators

The first and the most obvious way is to play at online casinos without verification, listed here – https://www.nongamstopbets.com/no-verification-casinos/. These are online casinos that still have all the games and accept all payment providers. In other words, they look like any other UK or international casino and they offer the same things. You can still use bonuses, promotions etc.

The only difference is obvious. These sites do not require you to verify the account. You need to create the account, provide needed credentials and you are able to play. For most players, this is a clear advantage and something they all like. 

In reality, verifying the account is a complicated and time-consuming process. In certain cases, this can last for days or even weeks and until it is over you won’t be able to play games! Every gambler wants to play games as soon as he can, not in a few days or weeks. Then we have the fact you will need to provide very sensitive information about yourself which will stay on that site indefinitely! It is clear why so many people like these casinos and why they decide to play. 

No Account Operators

This is the most interesting method and the one that is rare and difficult to find these days. What this means is that you will go to a specific online casino and play games. There is no need to create an account and therefore a verification process isn’t needed. Some operators do have additional steps like providing an email address, telephone number, etc. 

Keep in mind that you will still need to deposit funds. This is done using a payment provider you already use. Some examples are Skrill, Visa, and MasterCard. Authorize the transaction and you will have funds available on your balance, but there might be some restrictions from your payment operator because of a money laundering process. Use them for gambling and playing games. The site may come with fewer games than other casinos with accounts but you can still play all the games you like. This method is ideal if you really want to stay stealthy with your gambling activities. Even if you use web history, all you can see is the page where you can play a game. There are no other traces. 

Although this option may look strange and dangerous, it is actually very safe and appealing. It was designed by people who wanted stealth gambling and who needed this perk. It is mandatory to play at reputable sites so check out the reviews and get as many facts about that site as possible. 

Crypto Operators

This is the most common and the most appealing method for certain players, usually younger ones. It means that a player will use cryptocurrencies to deposit funds and withdraw his winnings. The best example is Bitcoin and we will use it as the main option. However, there are almost countless virtual currencies these days and most of them are supported at online casinos.

These sites are known as cryptocurrency casinos, crypto casinos, and also virtual currency casinos. Regardless of the name, the same type of gambling site is present. The entire process is slightly different than when using a credit card or Skrill.

You still need a payment method to purchase Bitcoin. You need a special e-wallet that can ‘’hold’’ that currency. You will use it to deposit funds to the casino and to withdraw winnings. The reason why you need a payment method is to purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. If you already have Bitcoin and you have an e-wallet, there is no need to use an ordinary payment method. 

One advantage here deserves your attention as well. Basically, you can buy Bitcoin at a lower rate and sell it at a higher rate. This is Bitcoin trading in a nutshell. But, if you are skilled and you withdraw your winnings at the right time, you can make an additional profit. 

Keep in mind that some casinos of this kind will payout in virtual currencies, the same one you used to deposit. Others will send you winnings in USD, EUR, or some other currency. It is advised to take a deep look and even check out an analysis of a site before you create the account and play.

It is worth noting that all transactions using Bitcoin are completely stealth and there is no way to get information about the user. As such, it is one, reasonably common but completely stealth mode. 


Despite countless regulations and limits, players can still enjoy online gambling without any verification. Some of these methods are different while others look like at any other online casino. Pick the one that matches your needs the best and enjoy.