Pre-Match Or Live Betting: How Much Better To Bet On eSports

Today, eSports is growing faster than others due to large prize pools and is therefore in huge demand from bet on esport fans. Betting odds in bookmaker’s offices are more suitable for in-play or pre-match betting and have been around for years. Read more about it below. 

Pre-match or live betting? 

Both bets have their advantages. Let’s start with the advantages of pre-match. 

More time for analysis

Bettors have a few hours, or even days, to look at stats, current team form, compare personal match histories and make a selection. One can read the forecast, check social media accounts, read the statements of coaches and players. In Live, all the decision-making is done in a matter of seconds. 

Fewer emotions 

In the pre-match you don’t follow the game, you don’t cheer for your team. Particularly emotional players may make stupid bets in live betting. 

No delay of the acceptance of bets 

It happens many times in in-play that after pressing the “Make bet” button, the bookmaker’s office takes a long time to process the bettor’s choice. As a result, the odds change or the event is taken out of play.

Betting margin

Usually, this figure is lower in the pre-match than in the in-play. If the pre-match margin is 5%, it will go up to 8% for the same live event. 

Advantages of Live Betting 

Whereas in the past sports betting fans could only make predictions before the event, betting on esports live, which is just as popular as the pre-match, has developed over time.  

Easier to find an underpriced bookmaker event 

The leading bookmakers usually have an entire analytical department, which carefully compiles the pre-match lineup. The in-play is watched by far fewer employees, and therefore finding a valued bet is more realistic.  

Seize the moment 

In live betting, the bettor follows the event closely and can detect things that are not available in the pre-match: emotions, players’ injuries, weather deterioration, etc.  Professional bettors know how to catch such moments and bypass the bookmaker by betting on good odds in time.

Opportunity to outbid

If you made a bet in the pre-match, once the event starts, you won’t have any influence on it. In live betting you can change your mind and bet a bigger amount on the new favorite, overlapping the previous bet. 

Fast money possibilities 

There are more options for betting on fleeting outcomes, like a goal or puck up to a certain minute, or a winner in a certain game. If you place a bet on the pre-match line, you will often have to wait until the end of the event. 


A rather controversial point, but still in pre-match the bookmakers cut the limits more often. In live betting, you can make several bets in a row with a small change in the odds. As a rule, by changing the odds even by 0.01, the office will raise the limit again to the maximum.