Redroad G20 Pad Sweeping Robot Without Cell Phone APP, Listing First!

Redroad G20 is a PAD sweeping robot, successfully breaking through the traditional sweeping robot that can only use a cell phone APP in order to use the intelligent function of the trouble.Redroad G20 biggest feature is that the base station is equipped with a 10.1-inch intelligent screen, instead of the cell phone to operate everything, the use of a cell phone APP encountered a variety of troubles, especially in solving the cell phone APP networking operations, steps cumbersome, time-consuming, easy to network failure and other pain points.

In addition, the Redroad G20 PAD sweeping robot also has many features. For example, the mop lifting, the omnipotent base station provides self-collecting dust, mop self-cleaning, hot air drying, electrolytic water sterilization function, and powerful sweeping, washing, and mopping function. Especially the mop lifting function, the lifting height is 20mm, which is 60% higher than ordinary sweeping robots, even if the length of the pile is 10mm shaggy carpet, it can be easily cleaned without worrying about wetting the carpet.

The Redroad G20 PAD Sweeper has a smart screen that operates everything instead of a cell phone, as well as features such as a mop lift and an all-around base station to keep your room clean without having to get your hands dirty.

The Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot makes its Canadian debut on December 8th and is available on bestbuy (put link and hyperlink here) and on the Little Red MALL app. There will be a surprise price during the launch! Stay