Release Date and Spoilers for The Promised Neverland Chapter 163

Over the course of previous chapters, Emma, Norman and Ray have gone through several adventures, starting from the escape of Grace Field House. We know you were expecting the release of chapter 163 this week, but unfortunately, it got delayed.

Your wait for the next chapter is quite appropriate. After all, the Queen has finally died, and we are to see the ultimate fate of the demons as well as the children of Grace Field.

What Can You Expect in Chapter 163?

The story began at the orphanage with Isabella, the mama taking care of her 38 orphans. She had a soft corner for Emma and Ray in her heart. However, on discovering that she was involved in feeding children to the demons, her children fled the orphanage to go to the real world.

After the other kids got kidnapped by the demons, the children decided to go back and save their lives. This chapter is going to reunite Isabella with the escapees.

Indeed, chapter 162 has left us in mystery as to how Isabella got promoted from mama to Grandma. Moreover, she smilingly even greets the children at the gate.

What we don’t know is her intention behind the smile – is she on the demon’s side with a plan, or is she secretly willing to help the children?

How Long Will You Have to Wait for the Answer?

Chapter 163 is finally releasing on 6th January 2020. That isn’t a very long wait in front of the suspense created by the last chapter.

We are finally leading to the climax that will decide – who will replace the Queen of demons now?

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