Satisfactory Console Commands And Cheats: Complete Guide

Satisfactory console commands give players the privilege of altering different aspects of their games, such as debugging mods.

You will rarely find these commands in the game’s settings. This comprehensive guide lets you know how to enable Console and all the console commands and cheats you need when playing the game. Nowadays gaming consoles can be also used on other platforms such as online casino games offering an experience like never before.


There is more to it than the factory building game you see on paper. Some commands include max framerate, FPS counter, and FOV.

These commands allow you to explore endless possibilities in the world of this exploration game.


As you get started, you will have to deal with the challenge of building up the space elevator. The challenges don’t stop there.

You will enjoy going through every passing challenge, making the game more intriguing. Let’s get you going on how to use Satisfactory console commands and cheats. 

How to Access Satisfactory Cheats and Console Commands?

To use the cheats, enable the console menu. On your desktop, press CTRL +Shift + L at the same time.

Once done with this, press the tilde button (~) to access the enabled Console. 

There are few things you need to note. The game doesn’t save the last state of the Console. That means you will need to enable Console for access every time you launch the game. 

Also, sometimes the console menu may fail to work. Try changing the layout of your keyboard to the UK-English version.


Read on to know the Satisfactory console commands and cheats.

Satisfactory Console Commands


  • ? – Displays a complete list of console commands


  • materialFlowAnalysis(item name) -Used to find the items you need for all craftable items.
  • r.Atmosphere(followed by 0 or 1) – Used to activate or deactivate the atmosphere


  • r.Fog (followed by 0 or 1) – To activate or deactivate fog


  • r.ViewDistanceScale – To set the render distance of things like foliage, trees, and rocks.
  • r.ScreenPercentage [percent] – Sets internal resolution scale, using sparing depending on your PC build


  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight(Ranges between 0-1) – Changes the impact of the current internal frame to the final image. 0.02 is better for AA.
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize – Alters the spread of the TAA samples. Setting it to values below 1 sharpens the image.


  • r.TemporalAASamples (number) – Used for setting the number of samples to use for TAA.


  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen (number) – Used to set the amount of a simple sharpen filter.


  • r.StaticMeshLODDistanceScale [number] – Used to control the level of detail for static meshes. It’s advisable to set it to 0 to improve graphics. However, setting it at 0 decreases its performance. The default setting is 1 


  • r.LandscapeLODBias [number] – Set with a default of 0. Used to fix terrain geometry. Setting it to -2 or -3 improves graphics but decreases performance.
  • Grass.densityscale [number] – Changes the grass density. If you set it to 0, it will be disabled entirely. 0 to 1 reduces the density while a value beyond 1 increases it.
  • Stat FPS – Toggles on in-engine FPS counter


  • Stat Levels – displays level streaming info.


  • Stat Unit – Displays Frame Time, Game Time, and other stats


  • t.MaxFPS(number) -Sets maximum framerate


  • FOV(number) – sets the FOV, Not advisable to set it beyond 150


  • Suicide – respawn function in the game.


  • ShowDebug [DebugType] – Usage shown below.

Satisfactory Cheats Debug Types


You can replace italicized text in the ShowDebug command with any of the following cheat bug types: 

  • AI: shows info about AI near the player


  • AKAUDIOSOURCES: displays info about active audio sources


  • ANIMATION: displays information about the type of frame animations


  • BONES: shows info about Bone connections


  • CAMERA: gives you info about the cameras


  • CIRCUITS: displays info about the circuits


  • COLLISION: displays info about collisions


  • FACTORY: displays info about the player built structures


  • FACTORYCONNECTIONS: displays info about the Factory connections


  • FORCEFEEDBACK: shows info about the force feedback values


  • INPUT: displays info about the input method currently used


  • NET: displays info about Multiplayer connection


  • NONE: displays only default info


  • PHYSICS: displays info about the velocity components


  • POWER: displays info about the power


  • RADIATION: displays info about the radiation


  • RADIATIONSPHERES: displays info about the Radiation Spheres


  • Reset: hides the debug info


  • SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER: displays info about the significance of sounds


  • TRACKS: displays info about the Railroad subsystem


  • VEHICLE: displays info about the current vehicle


  • WEAPON: displays info about the current weapon

If you use the commands above, you should see the information below displayed at the top left corner of your screen. 

  • Player name
  • The world’s coordinates (X, Y, Z)
  • Rotation
  • Instigator
  • Owner
  • Base eye height

Non Functional Commands

Some commands appear in the autocomplete list but have never worked. It’s either Console has never recognized them or doesn’t merely respond when they are executed. These commands are: 

  • Ghost
  • Fly
  • Cheats
  • Teleport
  • GiveItem

Wrap Up

With the knowledge of these console commands, playing the Satisfactory game should be pretty straightforward. The first thing you want to do is access the Console for you to key in the cheats.

Enable Console on your keyboard by pressing CTRL + Shift + L and then head over to the tilde button (~). From here, all you need to do is to select the commands you need and enter them down into the Console. You are now good to go!