28 SFlix Alternatives For Free Movies Online In 2024

SFlix is one of the most sought-after free movie streaming platforms on the internet with millions of users globally.

S Flix is known for going the extra mile to bring you the latest releases as soon as possible.

With SFlix.tu users get access to over 10,000 movies, making it a go-to website for movie lovers.

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What Happened to SFlix?

Due to the fact that it hosts content that it is not legally entitled to, Sflix has often run into legal tangles in many jurisdictions.  It is precisely for this reason that its website is often taken down or is required to change its domain.

At the time of writing this post too, the SFlix.com website was not accessible. We understand your frustration when you are unable to access the SFlix platform to watch the latest flick. Fret not, as we are here with this list of best-working alternatives to SFlix.

Additionally, here are some Sflix mirror and new Sflix sites besides Sflix.com that you can check out:

  • Sflix.to
  • Sflix.pro
  • Sflix.app

Top 5 SFlix Alternatives: Editor’s Pick 

  1. Afdah – Great SFlix alternative, which is mobile-friendly and hosts HD content.
  2. Tubi TV – A perfectly legal site that has a tie-up with major Hollywood studios.
  3. Coke and Popcorn – Renowned for its exciting library, which features web series from India.
  4. Einthusan – Completely legal and completely free at the same time, Tubi TV runs very few ads.
  5. Putlocker – Safe and reliable, this site also provides IMDB ratings.

28 Best Alternatives to SFlix – 100% Working

1. Soap2day


Soap2day is the complete package when it comes to your entertainment needs. Not only does it feature movies, TV shows, and music, but it also has a dedicated section for sports recordings.

The quality of the stream is top notch with a lot of content also available in HD. However, since it is a free site, there are some pop-up ads that might disturb you while streaming.

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2. Afdah


World over, the first interaction of many young people with the internet is through their smartphones. Needless to say, they prefer watching movies on smaller devices. Afdah is a great s flix alternative that is mobile-friendly.

However, if you think that you will use an ad blocker, then you might be in for a shock since Afdah requires you to uninstall them before using the site.

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3. Fmovies



Fmovies is a great option for streaming movies online since it does not require you to register or sign up on its website. Completely free, Fmovies gives you access to its huge library of movies and TV shows which spans across genres and languages.

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4. M4ufree


There are many sflix.to alternatives online, but not all of them allow you to download movies too. M4ufree is one such alternative.

As its name suggests, it is a free platform with a great catalog of movies and other content. While the playback is extremely smooth on M4ufree, the streaming experience is marred by a few ads.

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5. Sockshare


Apart from the regular movies and TV shows which are available on Sockshare, what makes the site so sought after is its minimalistic user interface.

With a stable internet connection, you will have a pleasant streaming experience on Sockshare. The library is regularly updated to reflect the changing tastes and patterns of movie lovers.

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6. Hurawatch


Like Afdah, Hurawatch is one SFlix alternative that can be relied upon by those who are used to HD quality.

The additional feature provided by Hurawatch relates to the download option which is available on its website. In terms of the quality and quantity of content in its library, Hurawatch stands tall among the list of alternatives.

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7. Flixhq


Though Flixhq is known for having an amazing collection of TV shows, it also features a lot of movies. The library includes both old classics as well as new releases. It is a favorite among entertainment buffs since it is a very convenient way to watch content free of cost.

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8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Many people might be wary of using these streaming sites due to copyright violations. If you are one of them, check out Tubi TV. Tubi TV is a premier streaming site dedicated to content from Hollywood, which is fully legal.

While it has a lot of free content, the highlight of Tubi TV is its Hollywood collection.

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9. HiMovies


HiMovies is another free movie streaming platform that you can try since it has more than 10,000 titles in its library. It is a website that was started just a couple of years back and still has content from over 30 countries.

There is no compromise on streaming quality on HiMovies. In fact, over a period, people have become very fond of HiMovies.

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10. Los Movies

Los Movies

Losmovies is a reliable s flix alternative when it comes to movies and web series.

There are thousands of titles on Los Movies, and you can easily sort them according to the genre, release date or alphabetically. Los Movies provides a superior streaming experience as compared to other sites since it has multiple servers at the backend.

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11. Vumoo


Vumoo is one free movie streaming site that has paid a lot of attention to feedback from its users.

A site that started from scratch now has over 10,000 movies in its kitty and is constantly adding new content on a daily basis; Vumoo is very reliable. On Vumoo, you can easily download your favorite content for offline use.

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12. Look Movie

Look Movie

A relatively new name, Look Movie is a free content streaming platform that has entered the online world with a bang.

With a library of over 50,000 titles (both movies and TV shows), Look Movie neither asks you to register nor it asks you to pay. It adds a small little feature whereby you can bookmark or share any movie or TV episode for viewing them later.

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13. Onion Play


For those who are sick and tired of watching the same old classics, Onion Play is a must-try.

In fact, it is one such free movie streaming platform that is equally loved by people of all age groups since it has something new for everyone. The stream quality is superb and does not leave you wanting.

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14. Yes Movies


Among the sflix.to alternatives, Yesmovies is one where you will literally find everything that you are looking for. Did we mention that it is completely free too?

On its clutter-free website, you will find the content easily categorized according to the genre, country and IMDB ratings. The highlighting feature of Yes Movies is its excellent recommendation system.

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15. Pubfilm


Well-known across the United States, Pubfilm is a good option for those who are looking to watch movies and TV shows online for free.

While it has had its fair share of troubles due to violations of copyrights, it is still a much-loved site. With a huge library, Pubfilm has made it to this list because of its smooth streaming experience.

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16. Coke and Popcorn


Just like its name speaks for itself, this movie streaming platform’s website does the same.

What makes Coke and Popcorn unique is that it hosts a lot of content from India in terms of some globally popular web series.

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17. Ifvod


Gone are the days when Asia was only known for manga and/or anime. Today, there are hundreds of movies and TV shows which are being produced in Asia and are popular worldwide. Ifvod accomplishes the task of bringing this content from Asia in an unadulterated form to the whole world.

Content on this site is available in local Asian languages, making it a hit in those locales, also. Since it is available as an Android app, too, it is extremely convenient to use.

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18. Couchtuner


True to its name, Couchtuner with its extensive library will make sure that you never run out of content to enjoy. It includes enough binge-worthy content in the form of movies, TV shows and so on.

The stream quality is at par with the best in the business, and the number of ads is relatively less. With a library that is expanding daily, Couchtuner will definitely reach the top of the list soon.

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19. 1moviesHD


It was mandatory to include 1moviesHD in this list since it is one of those few alternatives which has content in HD quality. This, however, does not mean that its library is limited by any measure.

Even though it is accessible without paying a single penny, the stream quality is as good as the paid streaming services.

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20. Bflix


Like 1moviesHD, Bflix also features HD content.

However, using Bflix also has additional advantages, such as having the option to keep track of your watch history on the platform. The number of movies which are listed on the site is 1,000 (the number is increasing even as we speak).

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21. Einthusan


There are very few free movie streaming sites that feature content from Asia. Einthusan is one of them which has a special focus on South Asia.

Apart from this, Einthusan is also popular because of the original content on its platform, which has a huge following across the world. Considering the fact that South Asia is a very diverse area, it is no surprise that Einthusan has content in tons of languages.

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22. 123movies


123movies does a good deed when it makes it possible for people of countries where the internet is scarce and expensive to watch movies and TV shows for free, even with lower internet speeds.

This is made possible due to the unique technology used by 123movies which ensures that the whole file of the movie is downloaded in parts.

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23. Solar Movies

Solar Movies

If there is one movie streaming platform that can be termed as the ‘Big Daddy’ of all sites, it is hands down Solarmovies.

Its library is as wide as the ocean, and any title which seems difficult to find on any site will be available on Solar Movies. One of its other highlighting features is the option to watch movies with subtitles in multiple languages.

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24. Putlocker


While the name does not reveal as much, Putlocker is a free movie streaming platform that can be considered a good SFix alternative. It is very easy to find a movie of your choice since it has a powerful search engine.

In fact, users love using Putlocker because you can also check the IMDB ratings of the movies listed on the site.

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25. Flixtor


Flixtor is another alternative that you can consider if you want to watch movies and TV shows for free.

Flixtor does not require you to register to view content on its site but it does have a premium subscription which you can opt for. For free users, there are some ads, but the nature of the content on its website more than makes up for the ads.

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26. Project Free TV


As the name suggests, Project Free TV was also famous for hosting TV shows, but today it is a good alternative for streaming movies too. Its USP is its excellent recommendation system. Users get all kinds of movies and shows on this site making this a perfect movie streaming option.

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27. MyFlixer


Myflixr is one of those few free movie streaming sites on this list that does not feature any ads at all. This is in addition to the fact that it has as big a library as Solar Movies. Considering all this, you will easily find the streaming content you’ve been looking for on this website.

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28. Vmovee


If you are also in the mood for some anime apart from movies and TV shows, then Vmovee is a good option. A variety of streaming content in exceptional quality makes Vmovee a great Sflix alternative. With minimal ads and redirects on Vmovee users get a really great movie streaming experience.

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SFlix – Quick FAQs

1. Is SFlix Legal?

Since SFlix is a website that gives you access to copyrighted content without permission from the owners, it is illegal in most jurisdictions.

2. Is SFlix Safe?

On the face of it, the SFlix website seems safe, but as you use it, you will realize that it features both floating as well as pop-up ads, which may contain harmful links.

3. How to Safely Stream SFlix?

Following safe internet practices like using a VPN service, installing an ad-blocker as well as being wary of malicious links is a must while streaming on SFlix.

4. What is the best VPN to stream on SFlix?

Surfshark and NordVPN are recommended for use while streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on SFlix.

5. What is the new Sflix site?

Sflix.tu is the new working site of Sflix. As of now, there are several other working mirrors of Sflix that you can find online as well.

6. How to download movies from Sflix?

There is no direct option to download any of content available on Sflix. However, using free or paid online tools users can easily download the content including movies and TV shows from Sflix and all these Sflix alternatives.