Technology is Changing the Dating World – Here’s How!

The power of technology is such that wherever it goes, it disrupts. The good part is that in most cases, this disruption is positive and changes people’s life for the better. One of the most important disruptions of our times has been the impact of technology on the way we communicate with each other. 

The advent of the smartphone has made us available with one click or one swipe. Not only are we more connected, we are also more connected to a more diverse group of people. The nature of these connections include family, friends and romantic ones. While family and friends feel happier with a renewed connection opportunity, dating culture has undergone a sea change. 

The single biggest benefit of the introduction of technology in dating is that it has widened the dating pool drastically. With so many dating apps and social media sites (which a lot of people use to scout potential dates), it is almost certain that you will find someone with similar interests to at least start talking. 

In this post, we discuss some of the major ways in which technology is changing the dating world. Let’s get started.

Where to find dates?

Let us do a simple comparison. If you ask 5 of your friends today where they met their most recent date, a majority will tell you that they met online – either through a dating app or a social media app. However, if you ask your parents and their friends a similar question, the answer will be that they met through other people and not due to the technology or internet.

Technology has made the concept of blind dates completely unnecessary. Of course, some people still like the thrill of a blind date and do venture out once in a while without any inhibitions. But most people these days have an option to talk for hours with the person before meeting them in the real world. 

So, dating apps and social media sites is where everyone is these days. 

How to choose the person?

We have already discussed how technology not only makes it easier to find people with similar interests but it also widens the dating pool considerably. For instance, with the help of dating apps, a person sitting in India may find someone far away in the US. Obviously, long distance dating has not been very popular due to obvious reasons but the fact that this is possible is a step ahead. 

Further, most dating apps have a lot of useful filters. Like, if you are tired of traveling all across the town to the other side to meet people for dates, you can apply a location based filter so that you can get connected with people near you. This is a very practical filter and used by most people. 

At the same time, having common interests might be more important to you rather than your dating interest’s location. In that case too, you will have a better chance to find someone through dating technology. Discreet dating is also possible now. In The Islands’ Sounder’s Article, one can find a review of the best hookup and dating sites of 2021.   

The dating experience

With technology, dating is no longer a surprise experience. This can be both good as well as bad. Since you get a lot of opportunities to talk to someone over various apps, you get to know a lot about them. This reduces risk of meeting weird people who may not be the right fit for you, even for just casual dating.   


On the other hand, the conversations that happen online often tend to become monotonous and mechanical. For instance, the whole experience of eye contact and facial expressions which was an essential component of dating as we knew it goes for a toss and is replaced by standard texts or pick-up lines as conversation starters. 

It has also been seen that people tend to be more fake on social media sites and dating apps. The real person only comes out in face-to-face meetings. However, this problem exists in all apps and is not specific to dating, and cannot be a reason to ditch dating and relationships in the digital age

Future of dating

The future of dating is certainly online. Even with the pandemic ebbing away, the world has settled in with the convenience that the tech option offers when it comes to meetings (be it personal or professional). With the use of all the data that these social media sites and dating apps collect from users, the time is not far away when artificial intelligence will become an integral part of connecting two people in a romantic way. 

Whether we want it or not, technology in the dating world is here to stay.