The Best Flying And Plane Games

From complex flight simulators to meticulously developed military facsimiles and arcade jet fighters, the airplane game genre is quite broad. As such, you might struggle to pick out a flying game that suits your taste. Fortunately, our team of gaming enthusiasts has sampled dozens of airplane games and assembled a list of top-plane games that are worth trying in 2023.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft’s long-awaited flight simulator follow-up title was unveiled in 2020, receiving some outstanding reviews in the gaming arena. Powered by cloud computing, the game has greater availability than other titles, allowing players to access it on Windows PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. You can also access the game on Xbox Series X/S, internet browsers, Tablets, Smart TVs, and mobile devices.

Besides its accessibility, this flight simulator game leverages the power of Microsoft’s Azure technology to bring the skies to life and give players a more dynamic experience of the weather and simulated air traffic. However, this premier simulator game is unlikely to appeal to gamers looking for an arcade-like gaming experience.

  • Aviator Game

The Aviator is an online cash game developed by Spribe to give gamblers an immersive experience through leading sites like the Betway casino. This casino gambling game features a simple premise where the player takes charge of a virtual plane and they must cash out before the plane flies away. The concept is straightforward and there are no complex controls that players need to learn before enjoying the game.

To start playing the Aviator game at Betway, you’ll only need to register an account, select the game, and place your wager. When the game starts, the odds will dynamically increase as the plane flies higher on the field, but you must withdraw your bet before it’s too late. Additionally, the game features a great deal of in-game features, including double betting, unique bonus offers, and provable fairness.

  • Airline Commander: Flight Game

With realistic flight mechanics and stunning graphics, the “Airline Commander: Flight Game” gives you an engaging simulation of piloting a commercial plane. The game features a diverse range of aircraft, paired with various real-world airports and challenging missions to complete.

From air traffic control to weather conditions, the game’s attention to detail adds to its depth and authenticity. Additionally, its multiplayer mode creates room for friendly collaboration and competition, delivering an engaging, realistic, and rewarding flight simulation experience.

  • Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is among the best flight simulator games for mobile gamers and aviation enthusiasts alike. The game’s realistic flight physics, stunning visuals, and a wide selection of aircraft make it a captivating flight simulator that’s a must-try. Additionally, Infinite Flight’s attention to detail, from the airports worldwide to cockpit instruments sets it apart from others, with new features introduced regularly to guarantee a continually engaging experience.

  • Sky Gamblers

Sky Gamblers is a thrilling aerial combat game with stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and a broad range of aircraft to deliver an immersive fighting experience. The game’s multiplayer mode delivers intense battles against players worldwide and the attention to detail is outstanding.


In the thrilling and immersive world of aviation gaming, these five titles soar above the rest. From the realism of Microsoft Flight Simulator to the captivating dogfights of Sky Gambler, these flight games let you experience your airborne dreams in the comfort of your home. These titles promise an exhilarating flight every time, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pilot.