Top 7 Slots Based on Computer Video Games

Games create a fantastic form of entertainment for people, and they don’t get exhausted from playing any of the games. Game lovers keep trying different games and playing them for a maximum form of entertainment. Before the widespread use of mobile devices, computer games were very prominent, and they gave lots of amazing time on a game played. At present, those who want to have a wider view and awesome experience in gameplay also depend on playing computer video games. With the different tools for playing computer games, players have nice controls which get them stuck to their computer gaming devices. Games are not played for entertainment alone; some play games to make some money after having a win in the game played.

As a result of people’s love for different computer video games, casino game developers have taken up the impressive side of computer video games to create slot games. In casinos, going to the slot games, there are lots of incredible video games that players can’t get to play. Computer video games make good numbers of slots, and you can play free no deposit slots from the computer or your mobile device.

Slots based on computer video games

The thrill and spark that come with playing slot games have nothing to be compared with.  If you are a lover of computer games and casinos, the most intriguing game that has the combination of your loved games is the slots. Slots pick their inspiration from different sources, and one of those sources it has drawn inspiration from to create lovely games is the computer video games. Computer video game slots have become popular and can be found in most of the online slot games review websites. Here are some of the video slot games that are based on computer video games and became popular faster than for example the  Blazing Mammoth slot which doesn`t have the non-gambling analogue. These slots games are based on well-known computer video games with good features and innovative gameplay. These slots have impressive wins and are full of outstanding entertainment.

Iron Man II

This online slot game is undoubtedly the most played of all, and it is loaded with captivating graphics that players can’t resist, which will keep them playing for hours without getting exhausted. It also has some amazing symbols, and the winnings in the game are highly attractive. The slot has a superhero theme, and the background sound is splendid. You also have free spins to win the progressive jackpots. The unique features of the game are the five reels and 25 paylines. The slot has Robert Downey Jr. In wagering; you can start with 0.01 coins to 1 coin and have ten maximum coins for each of the 25 paylines. Scattered coins are necessary for the free ten spins.

Thunderstruck II

Most computer game players are so much in love with this game in the slot. It has captivating graphics that get players thrilled. This slot game has five reels and 243 winning chances against the usual paylines that most of the slots have. Aside from that, players also have the chance to play 300 coins at once. You can win the base games and have a huge jackpot winning up to 2.5 million in this slot. One of the outstanding features that are coupled in the game is “The Great Hall of Spins,” with free spins and multilevel elements. There are different symbols on the cards of the game and are of stone cravings. Nordic gods such as  Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and Odin are also featured in the theme. For players to have more winning advantages, the slot has been loaded with lots of bonuses.

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash

This is another amazing slot computer video game with impressive graphics and visuals. It is a lively and fun-filled game. The slot has a bearded woman as a character. It encompasses five reels and 25 paylines; you can wager on the slot with a $0.25 to $250 per spin. One of the amazing bonuses is winning 500x the amount used to bet if five of the captain cannon symbols can be gotten. The slot symbols include a lion tamer, the daredevil captain cannon, clown, lion, performing seal, and a female ring-mistress. Playing Captain Cannons Circus of Cash slot is very easy and smooth with no technicalities involved. There are autoplay features in the game that can be used to set 99 automatic spins. Players have the chance to utilize the bonuses in the game and the jackpot for huge winnings.


This is an intriguing slot-based computer video game with unique characters like storm, X-Men, wolverine, professor Xavier, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops. The slot contains five reels and 25 paylines, and you can place a bet with each coin from $0.01 to $1. The maximum amount of coins open to bet within this slot is 250 coins. Different jackpots in the game allow you to win more, such as the marvel mystery and the progressive jackpot. The marvel mystery jackpot is a multilevel jackpot with four levels.  To get one of the jackpot symbols, you need to select one out of the 20 squares. Finding three matching symbols qualifies you to win the jackpot. You can win power, superpower, extra power, and absolute power as rewards with a progressive jackpot.

The Incredible Hulk

This slot game is one of those computer video games slots that has attracted the love of both casino and computer game lovers. The slot houses five reels and 50 paylines, and you can wager on the slot with a $0.01 to $250 per spin in the 25 lines. The symbols in the slot are grouped into high and low symbols. The high symbol is hulk related, and they include three helicopters, seven police cars,  a jar of green, and a radiation symbol. For the lowest symbols, there are A, K, J, Q, 9, and 10. There are free spins for winning and four progressive jackpots. Ten free spins can be gotten by having three or more scattered symbols. The free spins can Triple your bet with a 3x multiplier.


This is another amazing slot game inspired by the computer-based video game. It has incredible graphics and stunning music that accompanies the game. The slot gives five reels and 25 paylines; a bet of $0.1 to $30 can be placed on a single spin. In Winning huge jackpots, you need to keep spinning for a long duration. There are other outstanding features that the slot has, which makes it to be one of the top slots. Wilds substitute for all symbols, excluding scatters. With the scatter bonus, players can get up to 15 free spins, which can also double the winnings. The slot also featured a 5000x line bet upon multiply.


This slot takes after the computer video games and has lots of good features and theme bonuses. On spinning the reels, two worms try to wipe each other out in a fun way. The symbols on the slot are worms. There are various guns and weapons in the game, which gives an amazing and exciting time on gameplay. The slot has five reels with four lines for each and 50 paylines. With this, there are lots of possible outcomes for spinning the slot. It features super stacked wilds, and the bonuses loaded in the game are crate scattered award bonuses such as free spins, a space trail with a mini-game with multipliers, and the crate escape.

Tips for playing slots based on computer video games

In playing slots inspired by computer video games, some tips will guide you to be on a safe and winning side.

  • When playing slot games and wagering on them, it is best to set a budget for yourself and stick with it. Don’t be too carried away or excited to spend more than what you have budgeted. Slot-based computer video games can be so tempting if care is not taken.
  • When playing the slot, don’t play with a competitive mindset but with a lighthearted mentality. Using this approach will give you a less personal reaction to winning on the slot.
  • Before you start wagering on the slot, check through the RTP, which gives knowledge of the amount that can be earned back from the casino.
  • Bonuses and free spins are good ways of having more winnings. You can also win huge or get rewards through jackpots. To take advantage of it, read through the terms and conditions and stick with it.
  • When you are ahead of the game and have many winnings, try to limit yourself by quitting to avoid losing all you have earned in a single spin.
  • To have a higher playback percentage, play with a higher denomination slot. With this, there is a better chance of winning big aside from the entertainment and value you will get from it. But be aware also that it comes with more risk as well.
  • To win the jackpot in the progressive slots, give enough bet to this. Having more bet size can qualify you for a jackpot. Check through their requirements for some of the slots that do not require to bet big for a jackpot.

Playing slot based computer video games

Before playing the slots, you need to have an understanding of the elements in the game. Those elements to know are reels, Paylines, rows, and symbols.

Reels run horizontally across the screen, and it’s through the reels that symbols spin. There are different reels like three reels, five reels, and six reels. For the computer video game-inspired slots, they are mostly five reels. The rows are the next thing to know, and it runs vertically. Most of the slots have three rows, though there are some with more than three. Paylines are another element of slots. This is the pattern that gives a winning combination. The last one is the symbols which are the icons on the reel that is spin.

To play the slot game, you need to first deposit if it’s not a free no deposit slot. After that, determine the number of paylines you are willing to play and decide the coin value you want to go for. Each of the slots has its coin value for each bet. Set your bet level and hit on the spin icon of the slot.


Slots are amazing games to get entertained in casinos. With many slots and slots-based computer video games, players have nothing to miss nor get bored playing the games. Either you are a computer video game lover and a casino lover or not, playing the aforementioned slots will give you intriguing entertainment with a pleasant time on gameplay. They are all lovely games with good bonus winnings and different jackpots to have big wins. Sticking by the tips for playing the slots will also be a good advantage to winnings and guiding against huge risks.