The Top Digital Tools to Help Scale Your Start-Up

If you are familiar with today’s digital and remote-first approach to business, you will understand how critical and valuable a good tech stack is to success. The correlation is causation in this concept, as a successful start-up needs more than a bright idea and a team ready to execute it. 

A successful start-up needs to cover all the critical cornerstones with digital tools that adapt to the journey of a start-up, one that can include many bumps, accelerations, and everything in between. Leveraging technology like a free VPN Chrome is compatible with or a security software adaptable with mOS and Windows is crucial and more of a necessity than an advantage. We’ve put together some of the best digital tools we know that can help your start-up not just survive but thrive in your industry. 

The Tool to Manage Your Projects: Asana

Asana is one of the most popular tools for multinational corporations right down to freelancers, and there’s a good reason for it. It is a perfect tool for collaborating on projects, tracking workflows, and helping manage multiple spinning plates all in one place. A study into Asana actually found that companies and teams that use it have a boosted rate of efficiency. 

Asana’s ease of use, intuitive interface, and functional features when it comes to timing, progress tracking, and cross-team collaboration make it a crucial tool for start-ups looking to get better. 

The Tool to Handle Your Customers: Salesforce

A huge part of staying alive and allowing your start-up to have a platform of growth is generating revenue through sales. By this logic, a crucial part of your business is managing your sales, clients, and customers through a CRM platform. Salesforce is an industry leader in this area, with a study showing that the usage of the platform can boost sales by 29%. You can view your pipeline from top to bottom, and it becomes a critical tool for start-ups, allowing you to level up your deals. 

The Tool To Do Your Digital Marketing: HubSpot

When it comes to running something like digital marketing, which can be totally multi-faceted and hard to control, it helps to have a digital product that can do the all-in-one feature it says on the tin. HubSpot allowed businesses to boost their lead generation and also engage with all the crucial channels that matter to a growing start-up. It’s so important to be ahead of the game when it comes to SEO, social media, content, email marketing, and analytics on the revenue and marketing of a business

The Tool To Monitor The Finances: QuickBooks

Managing the money flowing in and out of a start-up can be incredibly difficult, where confusion is rife, and a mistake can be critical for the company. QuickBooks is a tool that a lot of start-ups gravitate to due to its efficiency and ease of use. The ability to manage invoices, expenses, and financial reports is huge, as is the ability to pull through payroll and keep a close eye on the financial health of your start-up.

The Tool to Communicate: Slack 

A good start-up knows that communication is key to any successful start-up is communicating with your team and ensuring seamless collaboration, whether it is product and marketing, HR and sales, operations, or the CEO. Slack is a digital tool that is perfect for communication, as you can engage in direct messaging and channels and even integrate fun apps and capabilities that enhance workflow and allow for a more productive and collaborative work process. 

The Tool To Manage: Gusto

We’re seeing a huge growth of platforms for cloud-based HR systems, and Gusto easily tops the lop. It’s a simple human resource management platform that allows for easy and helpful onboarding, hiring, compliance support, benefits management, and even payroll all in one place. Making sure your employees are happy and that you hire and retain the best talent is a crucial aspect of maintaining continuous growth in a start-up. 

The Tool to Protect: Norton

As start-ups continue to accelerate their growth, the need to protect data and sensitive information is crucial. When it comes to cybersecurity in a holistic sense, it’s hard to find a better than Norton. You can find a tool that covers all areas of security against cybercrime and more with Norton, and you can ensure the protection of the start-up as you go through the growth stages. 

Why a Tech Stack Can Be a Growth Enabler

Making your start-up into something generational and successful is a long journey and not without many bumps and obstacles in the road. Thankfully, with tools and assets like software available, you can use them as growth enablers that revolutionize the way a start-up operates. You can go from just competing in a market space to dominating an industry. You can begin to streamline your operations, elevate customer engagement, and drive growth for a future of scaling and growth.

It is always important when building a tech stack for your start-up to do your due diligence and ensure you have the tools that ensure security while elevating your productivity to be a true growth enabler.