Top Progressive Slot Games

The American landscape for online gambling is changing!

Once upon a time, Americans were only able to visit a casino in a limited number of places across the entire country. In 2018, the U.S. relaxed its rules on gambling and handed over authority to the states, allowing the country to embrace online gambling.

Most non-Americans have no idea that the only time you could test your luck here on the slot machines, was only in the small number of casinos. Hollywood movies set in Las Vegas and Atlantic City left outsiders with the impression of a thriving gambling industry, but this was not the case across the country as a whole.

What was previously considered a shady industry has transformed into an increasingly popular and in-demand hobby for many Americans. While some controversy still lingers as some states are continuing to hold back, views are generally loosening.

As more states begin to open up and technological advancements are made in the online gambling industry, the U.S. will soar in popularity. The industry in the U.S. was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to increase by 15.41%% each year from 2020 to 2025.

This increase in popularity will be a result of several factors. From the ease of gambling, particularly with mobile gambling, changes in law and culture, as well as marketing will all drive the U.S. online gambling economy forward.

What are the best slots to play and why are they so popular?

Out of all the games on the virtual floor of the online casinos, slots are arguably the most popular.

The reason for this can be explained by the notion that slots are considered to be highly rewarding in comparison to other games. The buy-ins can be low and the wins a great deal higher, especially for progressive slots.

Not only do the potential cash gains appeal to the players, but there are often plenty of bonuses and free spins to be won too. Who wouldn’t welcome the chance to win some money for free?

On an entertainment level, slots offer an enormous range of themes to cater to a variety of personalities. While there are still some rules to learn, it’s a game that is much simpler and easier to get into in contrast with online poker for example.

Just as there are many themes, there are also many types of slot games. There are the classic slots, and progressive slots, as well as video slots, fruit machines, 3D slots, and celebrity slots.

Out of all of these games. Progressive slots are arguably the most popular.

Why are progressive slots so popular?

The reason for the popularity in progressive slots is that there is potential to win big, sometimes even a life-changing amount. This is because the jackpot rises progressively until someone wins it.

The beauty of this kind of game is that it doesn’t require much stake, and for each bet, a portion of that goes towards the jackpot. These jackpots can eventually grow into 6-figure sums and make people millionaires.

When you see these kinds of numbers in the jackpot, combined with the vast amount of free spins, free trials, and extra bonuses that can be won, it makes sense why so many Americans are flocking to test their luck on the slots.

Some of the top slot sites include Hard Rock, Rush games, and Chumba Casino amongst many others. Each of these sites comes packed with their own unique offers for new customers and loyal players.

These operator sites offer hundreds of different themed slots games. From a Romeo and Juliet theme to Safari or Jurassic themes, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

Not only can online casinos create a greater variety of games, but they can also regularly build a whole portfolio of new themes. Whether it be a replication of a favorite slot machine at the Bellagio in Las Vegas or one theme unique to online casinos, players will have no trouble finding one they love.

Slots are American’s game of choice!

As the United States’ journey into the world of online gambling and gambling as a whole progresses, they will eventually start to rival the European and Asian markets. Americans have an appetite to win and lead the world by example, the gambling market will be no exception.

From a prospering economy to jackpot wins. The looser the restrictions become and the more embracing the culture is of online gambling, both sides will see plenty of rewards in the meantime.

Looking at what has happened so far, many Americans are choosing slots as their game of choice, in particular, progressive slots. This is in fact a favorite for a large portion of the entire gambling community overall.

And the best part about slots is that there are so many variations, both in game types but especially when it comes to themes. They are easy to get started in, have low buy-ins, and offer incredible bonuses and free trials.

Luckily for newcomers, there are plenty of sites showcasing some of the top sites and top offers on the market today. Check out some of their top recommendations for the best slots games to play.