Tyler Henry Net Worth In 2023 – How Did Tyler Henry Get Rich?

As of 2023, Tyler Henry’s net worth is estimated to be higher than $3 million based on information from the previous year. Let’s delve into how Tyler Henry made his money and built his wealth.

Tyler Henry Net Worth In 2023 - How Did Tyler Henry Get Rich?

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What is Tyler Henry’s Net Worth and Earnings in 2023?

According to sources from the previous year, Tyler Henry’s net worth was pegged at around $3 million in 2023. His current net worth is likely even higher due to various factors.

Henry has been consistently active in his primary profession as a medium and expanded his portfolio into other areas like television and writing.

Reports suggest that he earns upwards of $500,000 annually. However, these figures don’t fully encapsulate his earnings from other avenues, such as book royalties, personal appearances, and other investment forms.

Tyler Henry also makes a hefty sum from merchandise, selling spiritual tools and resources to his followers.

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How Does Tyler Henry Make Money?

Tyler Henry primarily earns his living through his work as a medium. He became a household name through his reality TV show “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry,” where he showcased his psychic abilities by giving readings to celebrities.

He later branched out, appearing on numerous talk shows and podcasts and even hosting special events on television.

One of the most significant contributors to his annual income is his new Netflix series, “Life After Death with Tyler Henry,” which delves into questions about the afterlife, spirituality, and psychic phenomena.

His book, “Between Two Worlds,” has also generated substantial income from sales and royalties, further adding to his net worth.

How Does Tyler Henry Make Money

Tyler Henry Business Ventures & Investments

While not much is publicly known about Tyler Henry’s other business ventures and investments, it’s safe to say that someone with his net worth and public profile likely has other income streams.

These could range from endorsements in the self-help or spirituality sectors to investments in lifestyle or wellness companies.

While these additional ventures are speculative, they add another dimension to Henry’s financial portfolio and contribute to his growing wealth.

Tyler Henry Assets

Exact details about Tyler Henry’s assets remain undisclosed to the public, but given his financial standing, he likely owns valuable property, either residential or commercial.

Besides real estate, Tyler may also have diversified his investment portfolio to include financial assets like stocks, bonds, or even investment funds.

He might also own high-value personal assets such as luxury vehicles, collectibles, or jewelry, which can add to his overall net worth.

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Tyler Henry Assets

Tyler Henry Career

Tyler Henry started his professional journey with his reality TV show, “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry,” which aired its first episode in 2016.

The show was a turning point in his career, garnering significant attention and a large following. Capitalizing on this success, he penned a book that further helped him establish his name in the world of mediums.

He didn’t stop there; Tyler seized the opportunity to explore the Netflix platform with “Life After Death with Tyler Henry,” where he delved into more profound aspects of spirituality, the afterlife, and psychic phenomena.

His career trajectory shows a consistent increase in popularity and an evolution in the range of topics he covers, making him a multidimensional public figure.

Who is Tyler Henry?

Net WorthEstimated above $3 Million (as of 2023)
Monthly IncomeApproximately $42,000+
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1996
HeightNot Publicly Disclosed
ProfessionMedium, Television Personality, Author

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Tyler Henry Lifestyle

Though Tyler Henry tends to keep most aspects of his personal life under wraps, what we do know suggests a comfortable and perhaps luxurious lifestyle.

His career needs would naturally involve a fair amount of travel, likely in first-class style, to various locations for his television appearances and personal readings.

Given his income, it’s also reasonable to assume that Tyler enjoys some of the finer things in life, such as dining at upscale restaurants, wearing designer clothing, and perhaps even collecting art or other high-value items.

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Information about Tyler Henry’s family life is scarce, as he keeps this aspect private. While the public may be curious, Tyler prefers that the spotlight remain focused on his professional endeavors, drawing a clear line between his personal and public life.

Family Siblings Spouse


What is Tyler Henry’s primary source of income?

Tyler Henry’s most significant earnings come from his work as a medium, particularly his TV shows that showcase his psychic abilities.

How much does Tyler Henry make a year?

According to reports, Tyler Henry’s annual income exceeds $500,000, but this figure does not include additional earnings from book royalties, merchandise, and other potential income streams.

Is Tyler Henry involved in other business ventures?

While specific details are not publicly available, Tyler Henry has likely diversified his income through various business ventures, which could include endorsements and partnerships.

Has Tyler Henry written any books?

Yes, Tyler Henry has authored a memoir titled “Between Two Worlds,” where he explores his life experiences and offers insights into his journey as a medium.

Is Tyler Henry married, or does he have any siblings?

Details about Tyler Henry’s family, including marital status or siblings, are not publicly disclosed. He prefers to keep his personal life private.