23 Alternatives for Vumoo in 2024 (100% Working)

Vumoo is a popular streaming website that has been gaining considerable popularity since the beginning of 2021. The platform has over 10000 movies and a wide range of genres.

You can find both old and new movies and web series from all your favourite genres. Additionally, you also have the option to download the movie. So if you’re traveling, you always have a travel buddy to rely on! 

The website also has a clean user interface that makes it highly user-friendly. The “search” option on the top of the website allows you to browse over 10000 titles to find your favourite movies, including Moana 2, Colony, Black Spot, Spirited Away, Pirates of the Caribbean, Samurai Jack, Avengers: Endgame, and the list goes on.

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What Happened to Vumoo?

Vumoo is a seamless website that lets you watch movies and web series for free. However, all the content streamed on Vumoo is pirated. It breaks the norms of DMCA and is indeed an illegal platform. 

Most countries have strict laws against piracy, and the website is bound to be banned temporarily or permanently. 

Hence, Vumoo is a vulnerable website that is constantly exposed to the perils of piracy issues and blocks. 

The website can still be used through a reliable VPN. However, the streaming quality and buffer time could be high. 

Top 5 Vumoo Alternatives: Editor’s Pick

  1. 123Movies: 123Movies is one of the first of its kind. It has over 100 million monthly users. Here, you can find multilingual movies and web series. 
  2. Fmovies: One of the most prominent online streaming websites, it has got a wide range of movies across different genres and languages. 
  3. YesMovies: The website has got a clean user interface which makes it highly user-friendly. 
  4. StreamLord: Allows you to watch several titles for free without registration. 
  5. Popcorn Flix: unlike a lot of other platforms, popcorn Flix is 100 per cent legitimate.

Best Alternatives to Vumoo – 100% Working

1. Afdah 

Afdah is a popular streaming platform that offers seamless streaming of movies from multiple genres. From comedy to romance, thrillers to fiction, Afdah has it all. 

The website is known for its compatibility since it works perfectly with iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. The interface is pretty decent too. 

The website requires you to disable your adblocker in order to use the website. The streaming quality is undoubtedly good, and the speed is seamless too. 

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2. Primewire 


Primewire is a renowned movie streaming website that has been pretty popular among free streaming platforms. The website is one of the first of its kind. It was initially known as “LetMeWatchThis”, after which the domain name changed to “1channel” and finally, the website was named Primewire. The user interface is pretty simple to navigate through. 

Additionally, the platform also lets every user view playlists created by other users. You can create a playlist of all your binge-worthy movies and TV shows. 

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3. PopcornFlix


Popcorn Flix is a legal platform that streams TV shows, movies, webisodes, movies, originals, and other viral content. 

The platform is available in over 60 different countries and is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android phones, apple TVs, Amazon fire TVs, and Xbox. 

Although the website offers free content, it has several advertisements and does not function with ad blockers.  

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4. Fmovies 


Fmovies is a renowned movie streaming website when it comes to free online streaming. The website has a catalog of movies from different genres and languages. Moreover, you do not need any subscription or registration in order to use the website. 

Unfortunately, the website is blocked in several countries due to copyright infringement issues. 

However, there are several clones and mirrors of Fmovies, so if the original domain is blocked, you can always watch your favourite movies and web series on the mirrors. So my friend, grab your popcorn and get ready to finish your watchlist!

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5. YesMovies 


Looking for a seamless website that has an intuitive user interface? YesMovies is the movie streaming website for you! The website has its own “search” option, which allows you to skim through 1000s of titles in no time.

The layout of the website is highly appreciated among movie buffs. All in all, it’s a great alternative to Vumoo. 

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6. XMovies8


Xmovies8 is another excellent movie stream alternative to Vumoo. The website has been around for quite some time now. The website allows you to watch movies and web series for free and in high definition. 

Just like Fmovies, XMovies8 also has several servers. Xmovies8 has been under the radar of the DMCA for copyright issues. In case the website is banned in your region, you can always bank on its mirrors. 

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7. Los Movies 


Another great platform that constantly updates new movies on their website is Los Movies. Here, you can find a huge collection of multiple titles. 

Additionally, you needn’t even sign up or register in order to watch movies and web series on Los Movies. 

The user interface is highly convenient, with features such as sorting by alphabetical order and filtering by actor, director, and genre. 

Owing to its multiple servers, the platform offers super fast, high-definition streaming. 

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8. Tubi 


Unlike most of the websites on this list, Tubi is a legal content streaming website. Consisting of more than 20000 movies from a wide variety of genres, the website is a paradise for every Hollywood lover. Here you can find almost every major Hollywood release. 

In order to maintain the legality of the website while keeping it free, the website is full of advertisements. However, these advertisements are from renowned studios such as MGM, Lionsgate, and discovery. 

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9. 123Movies 


With over 100 million monthly users, the website is one of the most prominent online streaming websites. The website is especially highly recognized in south East Asian countries. 

Unfortunately, the website is recognized as “the most illegal website in the world” by the piracy monitoring organisation MPAA.

123Movies is well known streaming platform famous for its intuitive and swift user interface. If you wish to give it a try, you can try accessing its mirror websites or using a VPN to access it.

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10. AZMovies


AZMovies is another amazing movie streaming platform that gives you access to new releases and premium movies. There’s a huge variety of websites that you can find on the platform. 

The user interface is flawless and allows you to easily browse through a variety of movies. 

Additionally, if you’re more of a TV series person, then they’ve another domain called “noxx.is” where you can watch a plethora of TV shows at no cost.

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11. StreamLord


Another feature-rich movie streaming platform is StreamLord. The website has a highly intuitive user interface, and moreover, you needn’t even sign up to use the website. 

Apart from this, you also have an open forum to discuss with fellow buffs and request your favorite titles. However, for this, you need a free account. 

In order to access the website for free, you need to disable your ad blocker. However, if you wish to watch the available content without annoying advertisements, you can donate $4 for 30 days and avail an ad-free streaming experience. 

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12. PutLocker 


PutLocker is an underdog in the online streaming website industry. However, the website is banned in several countries due to its illegality and copyright infringement issues.

The website is slightly shady when it comes to its user interface. However, it offers seamless and fast streaming. 

There are about 50 clone websites with different domain names. Hence, you’ll always find at least one of the domains free! 

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13. SolarMovie 


One of the newest online streaming websites, SolarMovie is a powerhouse of several classic movies. The website is a repository of several movies and web series across different genres. 

The main website is, however unfortunately down now, you could access the clones of the website and get done with your watchlist!

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14. Soap2Day


Soap2Day is a top movie streaming platform where you can watch all the recent blockbuster movies and web series for free and in high definition. 

Additionally, the website also has sports recordings for sports fanatics! 

There are some clones of the main website. However, the original website is still very much intact and is used by millions around the world. 

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Next on the list is the most bizarrely named online streaming website, YIFY TV. Just like AZMovies, the website has distinguished sections for movies and web series. 

The website is known for its well-organised structure. The website has 2 domain names, mainly YMovies for movies and YSeries for web series. 

The user interface gives the website a nice and sleek touch. The dark UI greatly resembles streaming giants Netflix and prime video.  

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16. Ifvod


Ifvod streams Chinese movies and web series. Owing to its niche content, the website is targeted only to the Chinese masses from all around the world. 

The website has more than 900 different Chinese titles. Additionally, the Chinese shows are available in multiple languages.

Unlike several websites on the list, ifvod is a legal website and is available on the Playstore.

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17. Movie4k


Movie4k is one of the oldest and most well-established streaming platforms. In contrast to the other websites on the list, Movie4k is completely user-contributed. Users are allowed to download and upload movies. 

Earlier, there was a domain named movie2k by the same creators. Later on, the domain was banned due to copyright issues. This gave birth to Movies4k, a new platform that was an enhanced version of movies2k.

However, on the downside, the website is filled with pop-ups and advertisements.

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18. 1moviesHD


1moviesHD is another great movie streaming platform and a good alternative to Vumoo. The website has a notable user interface. In fact, the user interface gives the same feel as any premium app such as Amazon prime video and Netflix. 

The website has a huge database of old and new movies and web series. They guarantee seamless, uninterrupted streaming in high definition. 

Considering the fact that the website is free of cost, it is a great alternative to Vumoo!

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19. TheWatchSeries


Next on the list is another platform that has had struggles with copyright infringement issues. TheWatchSeries is an old player and has an array of movies and web series. 

As the name suggests, TheWatchSeries is an exclusive web series streaming platform. Here you can find the latest web series in high definition. For the weebs out there, TheWatchSeries also has anime series on them!

If you’re a simp for web series, then TheWatchSeries is the perfect place for you! 

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20. CouchTuner


Another new player in the online streaming platforms, CouchTuner, has amassed a decent amount of popularity in no time. 

Couchtuner is an amazing website for movie buffs to spend a Sunday binge-watching. The website is diverse and has got a wide range of titles from different genres. 

If you’re looking for a free streaming platform with no advertisements, then CouchTuner is the right website for you!

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21. WatchMovieStream

watchmoviestreamWatchMovieStream is one of the most user-friendly and convenient websites. The search function available on the website is built to help users find their favourite titles. 

The website has a simplistic user interface and does not require you to create an account. Anyone can tune in to their favourite movies in a matter of a few clicks. 

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22. MovieStars 


A shady but excellent alternative to Vumoo is MovieStars. Why do we say so? That’s because MovieStars does an amazing job at streaming content, all while having a shady user interface. 

Additionally, the website is free from advertisements, and it streams HD content in 1080p. However, be cautious about the numerous pop-ups and malicious links on the website! 

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23. Bflix 


On Bflix users get to stream over 1000 high-definition movies. The website owners ensure that the database is updated on a regular basis. Hence, you can find the latest titles on this website. 

Here you can watch high-definition movies at minimum buffer time, and moreover, you get all this for free! 

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How to Safely Stream Vumoo?

If you’re an ardent lover of Vumoo, you might want to continue watching your favourite shows on it. However, there are chances that your internet service provider has blocked the website. 

Using Vumoo is an offense since it breaches piracy laws and includes copyright infringement. Hence, using Vumoo with a VPN is a much wiser choice since it’d help hide your identity online. 

However, using a VPN to stream content would make it extremely slow. You definitely don’t want to miss out on any of the important scenes from the movie!

Vumoo- Quick FAQs

1. Is Vumoo down or still working?

Ans. Vumoo is not a reliable website. It works in some regions and doesn’t work in others. The website is blocked by ISPs due to copyright infringement issues. Hence, Vumoo may or may not work in your region. 

2. Is Vumoo safe?

Ans. Vumoo is a website that breaches piracy laws. Using it could land you in trouble. Additionally, the website also has an uncountable number of advertisements. Clicking on these advertisements could land you on malicious pages. 

3. Is Vumoo legal?

Ans. Vumoo is illegal. It pirates content from paid platforms and helps users avail it for free. Hence, it breaches copyright laws. 

4. What are the best alternatives to Vumoo?

Ans. Although you could use any of the above-listed alternatives, we highly recommend 123Movies, Fmovies, Popcorn Flix, StreamLord, and Yes! Movies. 

5. Which VPN should I use for Vumoo? 

Ans. Video streaming requires high internet speed and minimum buffer time. A good VPN is hence highly essential, we recommend you to use either Norton, Cyberghost, or Panda