26 WCOForever Alternatives For Anime Streaming In 2024

With the shutdown of wcoforever in light of copyright issues, anime spectators are looking for new streaming sites to watch their favorites. This article discusses 26 alternatives to wcoforever that have been rising in popularity over the last few years.


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What happened to wcoforever?

WCOForever, a free streaming site hosting cartoons, anime, movies, and comics with English dubbing or subtitles was shut down due to copyright issues in 2021.

The platform had created an extensive library of content ranging from classic favorites such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden to newer titles like Attack on Titan Season 2 and One Punch Man Season 2.

26 Best Alternatives To WCOForever In 2024



Animenova is a site that specializes in streaming anime movies and shows online with English subtitles or dubbing.

Users will find over 3,000 titles to watch for free from classic animes such as Naruto to newer series like Gintama and My Hero Academia.

The site has extensive search options allowing users to filter by genre, year of release, or by alphabetical order.

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Anime Sama:

Anime Sama

Anime Sama is a free streaming site dedicated to anime fans with over 2,000 titles available for viewing.

The interface is basic and intuitive making navigation a breeze along with search filters that allow the user to find their favorite shows quickly sorted into appropriate categories such as Dubbed, Subbed and Raw Animes.

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With one of the largest collections of anime movies and series online, Animeplanet has quickly gained immense popularity amongst the streaming community.

The site boasts an extensive library of free titles with genres ranging from romance and comedy to action, mystery, and horror all available with English subtitles or dubbing.

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4anime is a website dedicated to anime fans featuring both classic and newly released trending series that can be streamed online for free.

Users will enjoy quality videos, and impressive audio levels alongside a variety of sorted categories based on the genre such as shonen, seinen, etc.

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Puretoons is an anime streaming site with a deep catalog of different titles available to watch in High Definition quality, be it dubbed or subbed versions.

The categories are sorted alphabetically allowing users easier access when trying to find their favorite shows, movies, or mangas without having to scroll through thousands of series casually listed one after the other.

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Animeplyx is a great alternative that gives viewers access to over 5000 exclusive titles that can be streamed in High Definition for free.

This website offers a wide range of content such as full series or movies and uniquely categorized manga episodes.

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Kissanime is an anime streaming site with no registration required offering viewers instant access to over 600 titles with subtitles or dubbing options available.

Users will find all kinds of genres easily accessible on the platform from old classic shows such as Yu-gi-oh! To modern pieces like One punch man without ever having to create an account.

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Soul Anime:


Soul Anime is a website with no registration requirement that offers free streaming of anime movies, series, and manga episodes from all over the world in High definition quality.

Users will enjoy new releases as soon as they become available along with ‘top picks’ so viewers can see what other people are currently watching and be part of the trend.

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Kimcartoon is another great alternative to Wcoforever aimed at providing users with thousands of movies and series available for streaming.

The site appeals to a wider audience, offering selections from all genres such as western cartoons like Family Guy or SpongeBob Squarepants in addition to the popular anime content.

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Yugenanime is an alternative website that offers viewers access to titles including both old dubbed classics and new releases.

Users will have the option of subbed shows or movies in High definition quality with specific search engine options allowing users easier navigation when trying to find their favorite series.

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Chia Anime:

Chia Anime

Chia-Anime is a website focusing solely on anime content offering viewers access to over 3000 unique titles in round-the-clock streaming with no registration required.

Additionally, users can save their favorite shows or movies in lists for easier navigation when coming back each time to watch something new and have quick access to the shows they love most.

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Currently hosting more than 18000 free HD titles with subtitles and dubbing options included, Anime id has quickly become one of the most popular anime streaming websites.

Users will find all kinds of different genres from drama and comedy to horror and action with over 900 series available for viewers to enjoy.

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Toonily is a website dedicated solely to Western cartoons, offering viewers premium quality titles at no cost in addition to dubbed versions such as Tom & Jerry or The Simpsons that can be streamed instantly.

Users can take advantage of special sorting categories making navigation easier than ever when trying to find their favorite episodes.

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Kisscartoon has been around for some time and its popularity keeps growing, gaining attention from a wider audience due to the variety of content it hosts.

The website offers titles such as classic cartoon shows alongside newer anime movies all with subtitles or dubbing options available in HD quality for a superior streaming experience.

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Anime Ultima is an amazing streaming site that allows viewers to watch various anime series without having to register.

It has extensive filter options for users such as search by genre and year of release, allowing them to quickly find their favourite shows.

Also, there are English subtitles or dubbing available with high-definition quality for all the titles in its library.

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Animerush is a website that offers a wide selection of free HD movies and shows with both English subtitles and dubbed versions.

It has an interface that feels familiar to users and it is constantly updating its library with both classic anime series and newly released titles as well.

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Watchcartoononline is another great option for watching your favorite shows, not only featuring anime but Western cartoon animations too!

They have a large archive of content in full HD available along with extensive search filter options like genre or year of release to save users time when looking for the perfect show to watch.

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Wcofun is a streaming site for anime with an intuitive design and user-friendly interface that makes navigation simple and fast.

The website offers viewers over 5,000 titles in HD quality along with customizable search options like alphabetical sorting or genre filter to help save time when trying to locate your favorite shows or movies.

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Justdubs offers users free access to over 5000 different animated series both old classics such as Naruto Shippuden and new releases such as One Punch Man.

The site also provides English dubbing with HD-quality visuals creating an enjoyable viewing experience for its users, all without registration to worry about.

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Animekimi is a great streaming site dedicated to anime fans that offers viewers access to hundreds of shows with English subtitles or dubbed versions available in full HD quality.

It has extensive search filters like genre or year of release helping viewers instantly find the titles they are looking for as well as a “top picks” feature to show viewers what other people are currently watching.

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AnimeOwl is a website that allows users free streaming of thousands of titles be it movies, series, or mangas all in full HD quality with both English subtitles and dubbed versions available.

There are also tailored search criteria helping viewers locate their favorites quickly like alphabetical sorting for easier navigation.

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Animeheaven is an anime streaming site with no registration required built for both old and new fans alike.

It offers users over 600 titles all available in HD quality along with English subtitles and dubbing options allowing viewers to easily find their favorites amongst the catalog of shows without having to fuss around creating an account beforehand.

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Animefire is another great alternative offering free high-definition streaming of thousands of different anime titles from classic favorites such as Naruto Shippuden to modern series like Attack on Titan.

There are also tailored search filters like sorting by genre or year of release helping viewers instantly locate their favorite shows or movies.

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Animekage is a streaming website with an extensive library and user-friendly interface designed to give viewers access to series, movies, and mangas in HD quality for free with both dubbed versions as well as English subtitles available.

The site also includes organized search profiles so that users can easily find titles they are looking for without having to scroll endlessly through all the content.

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Is wcoforever legal?

No, wcoforever was taken down due to legal reasons, and therefore, its use is not recommended.

Is wcoforever Safe?

No, using the services of wcoforever put users at risk as it could be used for illegal activities. The best practice is to choose reliable alternatives with a secure system in place.

How to Safely Stream wcoforever

Use a VPN while streaming on various alternative sites to ensure secure and safe streaming.

What is the best VPN to stream on wcoforever?

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are some of the most reliable VPNs that you can use for safe streaming on wcoforever alternatives.