What Are the Most Popular Sweepstakes Games?

As they are not played globally, you might not have heard about sweepstakes games before. However, if you’ve encountered some of them online and want to give them a go, you’re probably looking to learn more about what they are exactly, how you can take part, and what you can expect to win. Keep on reading for more info about sweepstakes.

What are sweepstakes exactly?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a sweepstake is a type of game where one or multiple prizes are awarded to one or multiple winners. The winner is determined by luck and chance and not by skill. However, there are still some strategies that people apply to sweepstakes in order to maximize their winnings.

Sweepstakes were initially a form of lottery game and they were tied to products sold. In time, authorities refined laws in order to prevent abuse and regulate the industry. For example, in the USA, the FCC and FTC declared that no purchase is necessary to enter or win and that a purchase does not increase one’s chances of winning. This was especially important as many companies using sweepstakes tended to skirt the law by stating that “no purchase is necessary to enter”. Since then, the sponsors of sweepstakes are careful to avoid any suggestions that one must pay to enter or win, as this constitutes gambling. Many companies organize sweepstakes that only require a person to send an email to be able to participate.

On the other hand, when it comes to Canada, Australia, and some European countries, individuals that want to enter a sweepstakes game are asked to solve some simple math problem, answer a common-knowledge question, fill in a blank, or submit a photo. This means that this is a contest of skill and not purely of chance, thus overcoming certain gambling-related laws and requirements. 

Similar laws are also in place in Brazil. With that in mind, it’s vital that you look into the laws of your own country to see how sweepstakes are handled and if they are allowed, in the first place.

The uses of sweepstakes

Sweepstakes come in various forms nowadays. Some offer only one big prize, while there are also those that have a top prize and several smaller ones. Moreover, some reward all participants in one way or another. Prizes range from cars and large amounts of money to certain services and products that might be popular currently.

Sweepstakes are often used as a marketing tool to draw attention to a company and to reward existing customers. What is more, businesses also use this promotional strategy to collect information about their customers.

For example, the McDonald’s Monopoly game is a type of sweepstake game. Also known as Coast To Coast and Win Win, it’s used to draw customers into the fast-food chain’s restaurants. 

Then, soft drink companies are also known to sponsor sweepstakes. The Pepsi Billion Dollar Sweepstakes game and the Pepsi Stuff loyalty rewards program were used by Pepsi to encourage drinkers to collect points from cups and packages and redeem them for merchandise. Everything from valuable gift cards to travel arrangements and electronics is offered by companies ranging from food businesses to TV channels.

Sweepstakes parlors

Somewhere around 2005, sweepstakes parlors started appearing in the Southern United States. Sometimes called a sweepstakes café, this type of establishment sells a product or service – typically telephone cards and internet access. Once a purchase is made, consumers have a number of chances to win a prize. 

Additionally, some establishments don’t even require a purchase, they give chances to clients that simply walk into the parlor. The patrons can see whether they’ve won anything by playing a casino-like game.

Sweepstakes casinos

Speaking of casino-like games, you should also know that sweepstakes fall under gambling law in many countries. Therefore, it’s only normal that online casinos also offer various kinds of sweepstakes. 

When playing at sweepstakes casinos, players don’t use real money. Casinos require individuals to purchase gold coins that are used to play – these are a virtual currency that cannot be redeemed for real money. Once players purchase them, they often get sweep coins as a free bonus. However, the sweeps coins are the ones that can be redeemed for money. With the coins, players can finally give sweepstakes games a go and try to win some real prizes. 

If you want to try it out, some of the best sweepstakes casinos to consider include Chumba Casino, Lucky Land Slots Casino, and River Sweeps Platinum Casino. Speaking of casino-like games, you should also know that sweepstakes fall under gambling law in many countries. Therefore, it’s only normal that online casinos also offer various kinds of sweepstakes.  You can check and get free bonus at Tha Casino (Thabet).

The most popular sweepstakes games

Whether it’s in an online casino or on a website of a business that is running a promotion, the games offered are numerous. 

Some of the most popular sweepstakes casino games include slots and progressive sweep slots as these don’t require any specific knowledge to be played. Furthermore, keno, blackjack, poker, and video poker are also available, among many other options. If you’re looking for specific games, consider Fireball Keno, Wolf Reels, and Bilyonaire.

On the other hand, in some other social media or radio sweepstakes you could be asked to answer certain trivia questions, upload a photo, submit your favorite recipe, make the most creative video on a certain topic, or be selected completely randomly. And the prizes can vary greatly – be it the tickets for the next Burning Man festival, car, or cosmetic products. 

If you’re interested in giving sweepstakes games a try, you’ll be glad to hear that the options abound. From sending an email to being given a chance to win a new laptop to playing some slot games in an online casino, you should be able to find an interesting opportunity.