What is Yoga Go?

Yoga-Go is the most popular yoga app worldwide, and it’s well worth your time. There are plenty of yoga apps available from both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, but few are as comprehensive and useful for achieving a healthy body and mind as the YogaGo app. 

Yoga Has Been Steadily Growing in Popularity

Many people have been turning to yoga in the past few decades as a holistic tool to improve their overall health. Whether you’re looking to work on your fitness, change your body, or work on your mental wellbeing, yoga can help. 

It’s for all these reasons that yoga studios have been rapidly popping up everywhere, from major cities to small towns, and more and more gyms and community centers are beginning to offer yoga classes as well.

While in-person yoga is wonderful, it’s not an option for everyone. Plenty of people don’t live close to a studio or are looking for a more affordable option. On top of this, many beginners prefer to start their yoga journey out in the privacy of their own home until they feel comfortable enough with the poses to try them in a class setting. 

Aside from these reasons, another common explanation for why yoga classes aren’t an option for most people is simply inconvenience. Getting to a studio and completing what are usually at least hour-long classes is a serious time commitment. Many people only have a few minutes to spare on their busy days, and doing yoga at home is a more realistic option if they want to stay consistent with their practice. 

Why Yoga Apps Are an Ideal Solution 

Yoga apps solve all of these obstacles to accessing yoga. They can be used anywhere at any time without needing to travel to an in-person studio. They’re also a much more affordable way to gain access to libraries of classes and poses, complete with tips and instructions.

All you really need to begin practicing yoga as a complete beginner is a yoga mat carpeted area or even a comfortable thick blanket on the floor. This is an extremely low cost of entry for most people, and the small subscription fees of most high-quality yoga apps like Yoga-Go are very insubstantial compared to the cost of classes at a studio.

Yoga apps aren’t just for beginners, though. Even advanced yogis often enjoy the privacy of practicing on their own from home. The ability to sneak in a quick yoga session at home in the morning, at work on lunch break, or even in a hotel room while traveling is a convenience that’s hard to beat.

The Details of Yoga-Go

If you’re sold on the idea of practicing yoga at home and have begun your search for a suitable app, you’ve likely already come across the Yoga-Go website. Yoga-Go is one of the very best options available for anyone wanting to use a yoga app as a replacement for in-person classes or even as an at-home complement to regular classes done elsewhere.

App Features

  • Personal Yoga Workout Plan with Follow-Along Audio + Visual Instructions
  • Access to a Library of Pre-Made Workout Programs
  • A Yoga Pose Library
  • Workout Tracker
  • Daily Reminders
  • Guided Meditations

The app includes a tailor-made yoga workout plan for each user based on data submitted in the quick introductory questionnaire. The questionnaire has 23 questions and only takes about 3 minutes to complete. It will determine your current fitness level, yoga experience, physical goals, health goals, lifestyle habits, and more in order to craft a perfect yoga plan.

On top of the personalized plan, the app also includes access to an entire library of yoga programs with video and audio instructions catered to specific needs like “splits” or “internal massage”. 

The app also has a library of 500+ poses and the ability to make a customized yoga workout by setting parameters including duration, yoga style, body part focus, and difficulty. After setting these parameters, the app will automatically create a workout to fit your exact needs. 

A few final features worth noting are the workout history tracker and the meditations library. These allow users to keep track of their progress and utilize the app for impressive meditation benefits that include increased focus, relaxation, better mood, and overall improved mental health.

What Yoga-Go Workouts Are Like

The features of the Yoga-Go app are impressive, but what’s even more exciting is the quality of the workouts they offer. According to both users’ reviews and the app’s creators, the workouts can be used to tone and strengthen the body while increasing flexibility and calming the mind. 

The workouts range from beginner-friendly to challenging, but the best part is how quick and simple they are to complete. All of the workouts are between 7 and 30 minutes long, making them ultra-convenient. If users are having a particularly motivated day, there’s also nothing holding them back from completing more than one workout in a row if they have the time and energy. This means the brief workout length isn’t a limiting factor for those with the enthusiasm to do more.

Although the workouts are fairly quick, they’re highly effective. They can burn up to 200 calories per session! There are also many different styles of yoga workouts offered through the app, such as chair yoga, “lazy” couch yoga, wall pilates, face yoga, and many more options. There is truly something for everyone, regardless of their level of experience or goals. 

Is The Yoga-Go App Legitimate?

The Yoga-Go app does require a subscription to access its services, and as with any paid app, you’ll want to be sure it’s legitimate before signing up. Luckily, millions of people have already tried this app and can vouch for its legitimacy! 

The app has over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store and tens of thousands of five-star ratings from the Apple Store. It’s not too far off from a 5.0-star rating on platforms, and there are countless reviews from happy customers singing its praises.  

There are very few apps that can boast these results, making it an extremely reliable option for those looking for a high-quality yoga app service.

Should You Try The Yoga-Go App?

With all these facts considered, there are plenty of reasons to sign up and get started with Yogo-Go today. If you’ve been on the fence about trying yoga or have fallen out of the habit of what used to be a regular practice, Yoga-Go is one of the easiest ways to make sure you get on the path to becoming a healthier, fitter, and happier you.