What You Need To Know About The Hunter Class With The Marksmanship Specialization In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

The choice of a class in an online game is a purely individual choice based on the character and requests that the player wants from the gaming community, but there are still several popular classes that are always popular in MMO RPGs.

The archer belongs to the list of these classes – the ability to deal heavy physical damage from a safe distance, combining simple shots with AoE skills and various destabilizing effects is a complete contrast to mages with their powerful spells, which are inferior to archers in defense and distance, but do not lag behind in terms of attack power other direction.

In an equal fight, they can destroy each other in a matter of seconds, and this makes the class popular and competitive.

A hunter with a specialization in shooting is great at pumping, but this indicator can be further enhanced by ordering wow boosts from professional players or services.

Class Basics

Shooting is one of the specializations in WoW, which focuses not so much on skills, but on normal attacks and combinations of skills to accelerate damage and its speed.

Skills, of course, are also at the heart of the class, just the emphasis on them is much less than in others.

What has changed for the Shooting specialization in patch 10.1 for World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Now the resurrection of the pet takes less time and the skill cannot be knocked down by anything, since it is a physical skill, even silence will not help the enemy. You can cancel the cast yourself, but the skill casts too quickly for you to want to.

Rejuvenating Wind skill that increases health and inflicts a regeneration effect is now 20% weaker.

The Bombardment talent activates insidious shots when using a killing attack, expanding the range of targets that your skills will hit.

The Windwing Legacy has been changed – now when you use Aimed Shots, you will deal additional wind-elemental shots, reduced by 60%. For every 30 shots, you will receive an additional Aimed Shot and an increase in your Personal Focus parameter.

Lethal Shot as a talent has been replaced by Sense of Rhythm, which gives additional speed parameters for using rapid fire, which allows you to land many shots at once on the enemy within a few seconds.

Strengths of specialization

  • The class can deal strong and fast damage due to high attack speed and skills that accelerate the overall potential in a short period of time.
  • High speed, which allows you to constantly keep a distance from the target, dealing damage from a safe distance. The only one to whom he is inferior in maneuverability is the master of beasts.
  • There is no direct dependence on pet control – Marksman relies on his own attacks and skills instead of companions.
  • Strong and stable AoE skills for good hunting and massive PvP.

Weaknesses of specialization

The minimum number of support skills that a class can use for its own safety. The basis of defense is implemented through maneuverability and a maximum range for an attack, which is higher than that of other classes and shooters.

Skills that disperse damage must be held until the last resort, otherwise, health may not be counted.

Characteristics worth developing for the Hunter class with the Marksmanship specialization

Characteristics are parameters that reveal the abilities of each class in their own way, and in order to strengthen the hero, it is important to strengthen the special characteristics of each class in order to realize its strengths and close the shortcomings.


This an important stat for all ranged attacking classes, especially the archer.

You always need to keep the maximum distance from the enemy in order to deal damage to the target and not take it in return, always being a couple of steps further from the enemy, essentially preventing him from attacking.

Speed in the WoW world is not only movement, but also attack speed and spell casting, and if we don’t care about magic, then attack speed is a critical indicator for all classes with physical damage.

Critical hit

A parameter that allows you to increase attack damage by doubling it with a random chance.

A critical hit is a great offensive potential boost for every class that has a high attack speed because then you can guarantee an almost 100% chance to hit with a vengeance, and if you add distance as a bonus to this possibility, you can achieve a significant superiority over any opponent.


A characteristic that affects the quality of the skills used, their strength, and the probability of passing for negative effects. In the case of empowering skills, they can work with a vengeance, or have a longer duration than originally intended.

For an archer who, in addition to simple shots, uses skills to break through the enemy’s defenses, this is a key parameter that is important to take into account and pump through equipment, weapons, and buffs.


An important parameter for all heroes, which is not a key one, but can significantly increase the combat potential at times when the main characteristics are already at a high level.

This is a parameter that adds attack and defense indicators to the player and develops them evenly, as it happens when gaining levels.

For all classes that rely on damage, every point is extremely important, which increases the overall strength of the skills used and normal attacks, so versatility should be pumped along with other parameters.

Additional tips for tamed gameplay

Always keep your distance – the distance is your most important trump card, which must be implemented as soon as possible and do not forget about it.

Use food and potions to increase your combat potential, especially when playing alone when there is no buffer in the group.

Archers are welcome guests in raids, as they can deal AoE damage to enemies and at the same time have a high potential for normal attacks with physical damage. If the magicians damage the retinue, then the archer is also strong at attacking the boss himself, if he is given enough space to fight without obstacles from the dungeon keeper.

The high potential of the hunter is also revealed in PVP when you can simply shoot the representatives of the enemy faction without any harm to yourself. Be on the lookout for opponents who can quickly close the distance with you and inflict quick damage – daggers, warriors. With enemy archers, the situation is different and everything can be reduced solely to a matter of chance.

Develop the leatherworking profession to maintain the quality of equipment on your own, at least until the moment when you can get into mythical raids and have a chance to knock out legendary equipment. 

Choose Marksmanship for single-player and AoE focus, and feel free to use AoE skills in combat as they boost the overall damage you deal in the end.