Where Watch blue lock Online In 2023!

Curious about where to catch blue lock this year?

Look no further! Continue reading to explore your options, especially if youre keen on finding out where to watch blue lock online.blue lock

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Where Can I Watch blue lock?

If youre a fan of anime, the chances are that youve heard of blue lock. But where can you stream it? Two major platforms host blue lock in 2023: Crunchyroll and Funimation.

With the increasing demand for anime globally, multiple streaming platforms are vying for the rights to popular titles, including blue lock. Let’s dive deeper into some of the options available:

Can I watch Blue Lock On Cable?

As of now, blue lock hasn’t been announced for cable television premieres. The trend for most anime series, especially the newer ones, is to release on online platforms first. The shift from traditional TV to online streaming has been monumental, especially for niche categories like anime.

If there are future announcements regarding its cable TV availability, they will likely be from specialized anime channels or potential collaborations with international broadcasters.

Can I watch Blue Lock On Cable

Can I watch blue lock On Netflix?

No, blue lock is not available on Netflix. While Netflix has increasingly expanded its anime collection in recent years, it hasn’t acquired the rights for blue lock as of 2023.

With competition intensifying among streaming platforms, rights for popular shows can be quite competitive, making availability unpredictable at times.

Can I watch Blue Lock On Fire TV?

Yes, if you have the Crunchyroll or Funimation apps installed on your Fire TV. Both platforms have optimized their apps for a smooth experience on Fire TV.

This provides an enhanced viewing pleasure, especially for those who love watching anime on larger screens. Just make sure you’re subscribed to either platform to access blue lock.

Can I watch Blue Lock On Fire TV

Can I watch Blue Lock On Roku?

Yes, Roku users have the privilege to watch blue lock seamlessly. By installing the Crunchyroll or Funimation apps on your Roku device, you can delve into the world of blue lock and many other popular anime titles.

Both these platforms frequently update their libraries, ensuring anime enthusiasts always have fresh content to consume.

Can I watch Blue Lock On Apple TV?

Indeed, Apple TV users are not left out. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation have developed applications that are well-integrated with the Apple TV interface. Thus, as long as you maintain active subscriptions with either of these platforms, you can enjoy blue lock on your Apple TV.

Can I watch blue lock On Apple TV

Can I watch blue lock On Hulu?

No, blue lock is not available on Hulu at this time. Despite Hulu’s diverse anime collection, there’s no saying if or when blue lock will make its debut there. Always keep an eye out for platform announcements, as streaming rights can shift or expand over time.

Where Can I Watch blue lock For Free?

It’s tempting to search for free sources, especially when a show becomes popular. However, while there are websites that might claim to host blue lock for free, many of these sites can pose risks.

Besides being illegal, such sites might expose viewers to harmful malware, pop-up ads, and a generally subpar viewing experience due to low resolutions and buffering issues. For a safe and premium experience, it’s wise to choose official platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Where Can I Watch blue lock For Free

How Many Seasons Are There Of blue lock?

As of 2023, blue lock’s total seasons are 2. However, the number of seasons an anime gets usually depends on several factors like its popularity among viewers, the depth and breadth of its source material, and the intent of the creators and producers.

Keep an eye on official announcements for any updates regarding new seasons or spin-offs.

Blue lock: Plot and Release Dates

Blue lock, based on a beloved manga series, offers an insightful look into the world of soccer. It touches upon the challenges, rivalries, dreams, and aspirations of young players striving to make a mark in professional soccer. The first volume was released on November 16, 2018.

blue lock: Plot and Release Dates

Blue lock’s Cast

Here is the list of voice actors for the English dub of Blue Lock:

  • Yoichi Isagi: Ricco Fajardo
  • Bachira Meguru: Drew Breedlove
  • Raichi Jingo: Aaron Campbell
  • Chigiri Hyouma: Aaron Dismuke
  • Itoshi Sae: Alejandro Saab
  • Kunigami Rensuke: Alex Hom
  • Kira Ryosuke: Blake Shepard
  • Iemon Okuhito: Anthony DiMascio


  1. Is blue lock available on Amazon Prime Video?

    No, blue lock is not available on Amazon Prime Video as of now.

  2. What’s the plot of blue lock?

    Blue lock primarily revolves around the world of soccer, capturing the journey, trials, and triumphs of young players aspiring to reach the zenith of professional soccer.

  3. Are there any free platforms to watch blue lock?

    While some sites may claim to offer blue lock for free, it’s always recommended to use legal streaming platforms to ensure safety and support the creators. Unauthorized platforms can pose risks to your device and compromise viewing quality.

  4. How frequently is blue lock updated on Crunchyroll and Funimation?

    Both Crunchyroll and Funimation aim to update episodes as they are released. However, the exact schedule can vary based on licensing agreements and other factors.

  5. Are there dubbed versions of blue lock available?

    As of this article, specific details about dubbed versions aren’t provided. However, platforms like Funimation are known for providing dubbed versions for many anime titles.