Who’s Going To Get A Contract With The NFL In 2022?

NFL Contract Season 2022

 “Pro prospects” are the names for college football players and college football that benefits from sending more than one player to the NFL. A college player is a prospect if expectations are that they will be drafted by an NFL team or already projected as a first-round pick. 

Recruiters will make a projection based on how talented a player was in their last college season and where they will go in the draft (i.e. top 5). 

There are several players likely to get a contract deal with the NFL after their junior year of college – let’s look closer as to why that might happen:

First Some History

The NCAA started its football program in 1896 and has since enjoyed great success and popularity among fans who enjoy watching young men perform at a high level.

The National Football League (NFL), established in 1920, is an institution and has been going strong ever since. 32 teams fill up the ranks each year following the end of the college football season. The NFL drafts college football players after they have played for three or four years at a university to play on any one of its teams. 

Football provides an opportunity for those who wish to make it as a professional athlete – but beware: only about 1.6% of NCAA players from BCS schools make it into an NFL roster! 

Numerous elements influence whether or not a player is drafted. Despite all of the studies on the subject, there is no continuous pattern among these criteria and their impact on draft status.

Pre-professional football players are trained to be athletes who will play at an elite level, making them highly likely to turn professional. The IRS recognizes the NCAA as a nonprofit organization. 


The NCAA distributes its revenue to member colleges and universities in several ways, including student financial aid, research grants, sports sponsorships, campus recreation facilities, programs for exceptional high school students, and academic scholarships. 

College football games attract hundreds of thousands of fans each week who arrive mainly to watch their favorite teams win (and hopefully advance toward championships) and because watching great athletes perform is enjoyable. Many people enjoy college football just as much as they do “professional” football – although one would assume that if you’re a fan of a college team, you’ll always be a fan.

What’s next for the NFL in 2022? Here is a list of contenders T.J. Watt could join, plus some other players that might just get drafted too.

Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers) – Wide Receiver

Adams is a first-round draft pick for the Green Bay Packers, looking to move him into a starting role this season. This hasn’t happened yet, but he is still young and has had some excellent showings that make his future look promising.

Terron Armstead (New Orleans Saints) – Offensive Tackle

Armstead started his career with the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent, but after playing well in all of his games, he was named to the Pro Bowl twice consecutively. He’s still young, only 26 years old, which means there’s time for him to keep moving forward!

Allen Robinson (Chicago Bears) – Wide Receiver

Robinson, the 2012 second-round draft pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars, played twelve games last year but has not decided his next move.

Jessie Bates (Cincinnati Bengals) – Safety

In his rookie year with the Cincinnati Bengals, he has been moved around a bit due to injuries, but it’s safe to say that he still has a bright future ahead of him in 2021 and beyond if he continues to improve.

Mark Andrews (Baltimore Ravens) – Tight End

Since being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens at number 86 in 2018, Mark Andrews is slowly rising in rank as one of their best tight ends after only playing eight games before this past season. He had a lot of catches and both touchdowns – so if he keeps up this momentum, then there’s no reason his career won’t flourish!

Brandon Scherff (Washington Redskins) – Offensive Guard

Scherff is a first-round draft pick for the Washington Redskins and has been on the roster since 2015. He’s played as both an offensive tackle and an offensive guard, but he made it to the Pro Bowl as a guard in 2018, so we’ll see what his future holds.

Wyatt Teller (Buffalo Bills) – Offensive Tackle

The Buffalo Bills drafted Teller at number 149 in the 2019 NFL Draft, but he still seems like he has promising potential despite not starting yet. His physical attributes are impressive, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he got picked up again sometime soon.

Jadeveon Clowney (Houston Texans) – Defensive End/Linebacker

Clowney has always been known for his impressive defensive skills, but after getting traded to the Houston Texans in 2018, he has had some excellent showings that make him look like a perfect choice for any team.

Dallas Goedert (Philadelphia Eagles) – Tight End

Goedert was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles at number 49 in the 2018 NFL Draft and has slowly moved up their ranks ever since. He is still relatively new to professional football, so it will be interesting to see if anything changes, but I’m sure he’ll continue on this path whatever happens.

Von Miller (Denver Broncos) – Linebacker/Edge Rusher

Miller, one of the best linebackers and edge rushers in the NFL, has been with the Denver Broncos since 2011 (pundits rumored that he almost got traded before last season, but luckily for everyone involved, this didn’t happen!). If his performance is anything to go by, we can expect to see him on a roster for another couple of years.

How about a wild prediction? Maybe Dallas Goedert will go to the Chicago Bears – they had the best defense this year, and Goedert had a fantastic season. He’s one of our favorite players!